Guts Man1:3:6-41½:223:32
Wood Man1:3:63-3:4222:2
Heat Man1:3:634-232:3
Cut Man1:3:6381:2-22:2
Ice Man1:3:6641½:21-2:1
Crash Man1:3:6342:431-
Yellow Devil1:3:6641:2111:?
Napalm Man1:3:6-42243
Plant Man1:3:61½:3-4223
Gyro Man1:3:63:124-223
Magnet Man1:3:61½:342-26
Gemini Man1:3:61½:3424-3
Dust Man1:3:62:46222-
Yellow Devil1:3:62:444223
Turbo Man½:2:5-334:88
Slash Man½:2:52-32:43
Cloud Man½:2:543-2:-2
Shade Man½:2:5263-6
Freeze Man½:2:52332:4-10
Junk Man½:2:52362:42-

  • Energy meters are solid (no division of bars) so values are approximate.
  • Weapon names are the first two letters of the Robot Master’s name.
  • Weapons that can be charged list multiple values, one for each level of charge.
  • Unlike most Mega Man games, the Buster’s mid-level charge takes different damage than normal (non-charged) shots, and thus is listed separately.
  • For Crash Man and Napalm Man’s weapon, first number is hitting with the bomb itself and second is hitting with the explosion.
  • Junk Man’s shield causes more damage if you hit with the shield than if you fire it off.
  • All forms of the Yellow Devil receive the same damage from weapons.
  • All forms of Wily receive the same damage from weapons.
  • Data submitted by Beam Hunter.
Some of the weapons have been altered and a few are under different names.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Heat Man
Appears In: MMPB, MMPF
Same name, but different weapon; this one tosses fireballs on the ground, where they turn into tongues of flame that travel for a bit in the direction you were facing when you fired.

Uses: ?
Also Known As: Scorch Wheel
Obtained From: Turbo Man
Characteristics: Burns
Appears In: MM7, MMPB
The user forms a rotating ring of fireballs around his body, then hurls the ring forward. The distance on this weapon is pitiful as it basically falls downward immediately. However, it can ignite things if you can manage to hit them.

Uses: ?
Also Known As: Clash Bomber
Obtained From: Crash Man
Appears In: MM2, MMII, MMWW, MMPB
This fires bombs downward that detonate when they strike something. Crash Bombs provide quite a blast but don’t harm the user so chuck away.

Uses: ?
Also Known As: Noise Crush
Obtained From: Shade Man
Characteristics: Chargable, Boomerangs
Appears In: MM7, MMPB, MMPF
Fires a sonic wave forward. When it strikes a wall (or the edge of the screen), the Crash Noise will rebound off. Pick up this rebound to charge it up, which will allow you to fire off an even bigger sonic wave (one that doesn’t rebound).

Uses: ?
Also Known As: Dust Crusher
Obtained From: Dust Man
Appears In: MM4, MMIII, MMPB
Fires a square chunk of debris straight forward. Not terribly creative, but it gets the job done.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Freeze Man
Characteristics: Aimable, Freezes
Appears In: MM7, MMPB
Shoots a shard of ice. The direction the shard flies can be influenced by pressing a direction on the control pad. If the Freeze Cracker hits a solid object, it will often shatter and rebound as lots of little pieces.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Gemini Man
Nearly identical to its original form. Fires a cyan laser that rebounds off objects. Up to two lasers can be on the screen at any one time.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Gyro Man
Characteristics: Aimable
Appears In: MM5, MMPB, MMPF
A propeller-like blade, spinning horizontally, flies forward. You can cause the blades to go up or down by pressing on the joystick.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Ice Man
Characteristics: Freezes
Appears In: MM1, MMI, MMWW, MMPB
A chunk of ice flies across the screen horizontally, damaging whatever it hits.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Junk Man
Characteristics: Multidirectional
Appears In: MM7, MMPB
Creates a (what else?) shield of—guess what—junk around the user. (I’ve been up too long...) As the shield hits enemies, pieces of the junk fall off, until finally the shield disintegrates. Fire it off early by pressing the fire button again; the junk flies off simultaneously in three directions.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Wood Man
Appears In: MM2, MMII, MMWW, MMPB
A circle of green leaves surrounds the user, protecting him from certain attacks. Press the fire button again to hurl the leaves at an enemy.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Magnet Man
Characteristics: Homing
Appears In: MM3, MMII, MMWW, MMPB
Shoots big red and white magnets. The magnets fly straight until they come across an enemy; then they will attempt to swerve upward or downward toward the foe. Their tracking is not very fine.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Napalm Man
Appears In: MM5, MMIV, MMPB, MMPF
A big red capsule bounces on the ground, then explodes. The higher you are when you fire it, the higher it bounces.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Plant Man
Similar To: Leaf Shield
Appears In: MM6, MMPB, MMPF
A circle of pedals surrounds the user, protecting him from certain attacks. Press the fire button again to hurl the shield at an enemy.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Cut Man
Characteristics: Boomerangs
Appears In: MM1, MMWW, MMPB, MMPF
This weapon is pretty much preserved—it fires Cut Man’s blades that travel in a circular pattern. You can have up to three blades on the screen at a time.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Slash Man
Appears In: MM7, MMPB, MMPF
A very short-range weapon that basically involves the character swinging his arm and making a slash of energy, like a sword swipe without the sword.

Uses: ?
Obtained From: Guts Man
Appears In: MMPB, MMPF
This is similar to the normal Super Arm except it requires no blocks to lift. Instead, the weapon itself creates the boulders which are then hurled forward, usually dropping in an arc due to their extreme weight.

Uses: ?
Also Known As: Thunder Bolt
Obtained From: Cloud Man
Similar To: Spark Shock
Appears In: MM7, MMPB
Shoots spheres of electrical energy. Use this to zap enemies that are weak against electricity.


HP: 28AT: ?
Also Known As: Rockman; Rock
Number: DRN001
Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, M&B, MMWW, MMPB, MMPF
Mega Man was once a household robot named Rock, but when Dr. Wily turned evil, Rock was converted by his creator Dr. Light into the fighting robot known as Mega Man. This small blue robot is equipped with twin arm cannons and the Weapon Copy system which lets him take weapons from defeated foes.

HP: 28AT: ?
Also Known As: Blues; Break Man
Number: DRN000
Appears In: MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MMIV, MMV, M&B, MMWW, MMPB, MMPF
This mysterious robot was constructed by Dr. Light before Mega Man was even built. He likes to be on his own, doing things his way. He often pops in during the games, usually with his characteristic whistle, to give his brother Mega Man items or advice, or to just plain pull him out of a jam.

HP: 28AT: ?
Also Known As: Forte
Appears In: MM7, MM8, M&B, MMPB, MMPF
Dr. Wily’s finest creation, Bass was modeled after Mega Man down to the Weapon Copy and his own variation of Rush. An independent robot who enjoys fighting, his only goal in life is to prove he is the strongest robot in existence. As a consequence, he is obsessed with defeating Mega Man.

Also Known As: Dr.Right; Dr.Wright
Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, M&B, MMWW, MMPB, MMPF
This is the scientist that started it all, for he was the one who first created revolutionary human-like robots. He was responsible for creating Mega Man and Roll, and he worked with Dr. Wily for a time.

Also Known As: Dr.Wiley; Dr.Waily
Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, M&B, MMWW, MMPB, MMPF
Dr. Wily was once Dr. Light’s partner, but then he turned against his former colleague and tried to take over the world. Even after being defeated repeatedly by Mega Man, he has yet to give up.

Number: DRN002
Appears In: MM1, MM7, MM8, M&B, MMWW, MMPB, MMPF
She was also built by Dr. Light as a housekeeping robot, and is Mega Man’s sister. Her name is designed to match Mega Man’s (Rock and Roll).


HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN052
Weapon: Thunder Strike
Weakness: Burning Wheel
Appears In: MM7, MMPB
Cloud Man has no legs but instead just a hovering mechanism that usually keeps him off the ground. He is capable of blowing you around so make good use of the slide.

HP: ?AT: ?
Also Known As: Clash Man
Number: DWN013
Weapon: Crash Bomber
Weakness: Rolling Cutter
Appears In: MM2, MMII, MMWW, MMPB
Crash Man will pace his room rapidly, jumping around and chucking his Crash Bombs liberally. A thorough dousing of Bombs will make short work of any attacker, so beware.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DRN003
Weapon: Rolling Cutter
Weakness: Leaf Shield
Appears In: MM1, MMI, MMWW, MMPB, MMPF
This little robot has no arm cannons at all but instead he pulls the cutting blade off the top of his head and chucks it at you. Cut Man can move a decent clip but he isn’t blindingly fast.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN030
Weapon: Dust Crasher
Weakness: Plant Barrier
Appears In: MM4, MMIII, MMPB
Dust Man looks as though he has a vacuum cleaner built into his head, and he can use it to suck in his opponent as well as to shoot out debris. When Dust Man tosses big blocks, jump straight up. When he tosses small ones, leap away.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN049
Weapon: Freeze Cracker
Weakness: Junk Shield
Appears In: MM7, MMPB
This may be another variation of the ice robots, but he is the worst of the lot. Freeze Man paces his area at a quick clip, alternating between bringing down the house to icing the floor to freezing you in place. Move rapidly to break free if you get frozen.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN019
Weapon: Gemini Laser
Weakness: Magnet Missile
Gemini Man is capable of doubling himself and does it often. Usually when he does this he and his clone will simply circle the room, bowling over anyone who gets in their way. Occasionally both Gemini Men will stop and fire their plasma cannons. If you catch Gemini Man alone, his pattern of attack is completely different. This is when he will use his Gemini Laser.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DRN004
Weapon: Super Arm
Weakness: CrashBomb
Appears In: MM1, MMWW, MMPB, MMPF
This is one of the strongest of the Robot Masters. Just him landing after a jump can cause an unsuspecting foe to lose his footing. Guts Man attacks primarily by tossing huge boulders at his enemy.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN036
Weapon: Gyro Attack
Weakness: Napalm Bomb
Appears In: MM5, MMPB, MMPF
Equipped with propellers built into his back, Gyro Man likes to stay off the ground. His Gryo Attack sends out semi-controllable propellers. When you jump them remember to keep moving and never jump straight up. Gyro Man often tosses more than one Gyro Attack blade, and he can blink (teleport to another spot on the screen).

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN015
Weapon: Atomic Fire
Weakness: Ice Slasher
Appears In: MM2, MMI, MMWW, MMPB, MMPF
Heat Man can turn himself into a comet of fire and blaze across the room. Other than this, he attacks by tossing out bursts of Atomic Fire.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DRN005
Weapon: Ice Slasher
Weakness: Super Arm
Appears In: MM1, MMI, MMWW, MMPB
Ice Man is perhaps the cutest Robot Master and has a voice to match. He’s right in his element in the frozen arctic for which he was designed. When attacking he fires large arrow-shaped Ice Slasher shots toward his target at varying heights. He also forms blizzards of strangely-damaging snowflakes.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN050
Weapon: Junk Shield
Weakness: Thunder Strike
Appears In: MM7, MMPB
This robot isn’t quite as his name suggests (though he will be when you get through with him). He has yet another shield (almost every game has one) but he also tosses debris around at you, and can cause a big chunk of garbage to fall from the ceiling. The Thunder Bolt hardly slows this guy down in this game, but it seems to do fair damage.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN018
Weapon: Magnet Missile
Weakness: Dust Crasher
Appears In: MM3, MMII, MMWW, MMPB
Magnet Man has quite a magnetic personality. Not only are his missiles magnetic, but he is also capable of putting up a magnetic force field which draws enemies in and damages them upon contact. Magnet Man can also blink around the battle field.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN039
Weapon: Napalm Bomb
Weakness: Gemini Laser
Appears In: MM5, MMIV, MMPB, MMPF
This guy’s Napalm Bombs bounce along the ground for a bit before exploding. Napalm Man has a Bomb shooter built into each arm, and thus can send out multiple Bombs simultaneously. He can also charge at you.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN045
Weapon: Plant Barrier
Weakness: Gyro Attack
Appears In: MM6, MMPB, MMPF
This guy acts little like he does in his original game; he has an arm cannon and he likes to drop little capsules that grow cute but deadly flowers (shoot them). Only occasionally does he use his Plant Barrier.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN055
Weapon: Crash Noise
Weakness: Slash Claw
Appears In: MM7, MMPB, MMPF
Shade Man is built to look like a vampire and he lives up to it by being capable of draining energy from other robots. When he swoops he is trying to grab you, and if he does he will proceed to empty your energy reserves. So when he dives, slide! Shade Man can also temporarily turn his opponent to stone, and his Noise Crush can be charged just as Mega Man can do.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN054
Weapon: Slash Claw
Weakness: Freeze Cracker
Appears In: MM7, MMPB, MMPF
Slash Man has one of the oddest Robot Master faces I’ve seen, even with all of the nose-less Robot Masters out there. He is brutal in combat, moving quickly and making rapid dives at his opponent to give him a quick slash from his Claw. Even though he doesn’t go off the top of the screen here like he used to, the jelly he drops doesn’t make your life any easier.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN056
Weapon: Burning Wheel
Weakness: Crash Noise
Appears In: MM7, MMPB
Unlike Turbo Man’s original appearance, no weapon here will put this guy’s flames out of commission, sorry. You’ll have to dodge the fire (tap the buttons rapidly to escape if you get engulfed), and leap him when he charges. He’ll also blow you around, so be alert.

HP: ?AT: ?
Number: DWN016
Weapon: Leaf Shield
Weakness: Atomic Fire
Appears In: MM2, MMII, MMWW, MMPB
Built to look as though he is made out of a tree trunk, Wood Man has a great defense in his Leaf Shield. Crash Bombs are one of the only weapons that can penetrate the special leaves. A burst of Atomic Fire is favored once Wood Man tosses away his shield. Keep in mind Wood Man can roll himself into a log and barrel across the screen.

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