For a description of what these stats mean, see the Stat Explanation page.

Open Menu: No
Charge Up: No
Lose Charge: Yes
Horizontal Recoil: 1 block
Vertical Recoil: 4 blocks
Shots On Screen: Yes*
Fall Off Ladder: No
Paused Refills: Yes

* But all active weapon shots disappear when the subscreen is opened, even if you still have the same weapon selected when you close the menu. This includes Rush Jet, so beware!
Galaxy Man:11:11111114
Jewel Man:11:11512111
Plug Man:11:11114111
Tornado Man:11:11111131
Magma Man:11:11161111
Hornet Man:12:41111111
Splash Woman:21:14111211
Concrete Man:11:11111311
Shark Ship 1:22:42242422
Shark Ship 2:22:42282422
Shark Ship 3:22:42242422
Yellow Devil Blobs:21:11621111
Wily 2:11:11111114
Wily 3:11:11212131
Fake Man:11:11113111

  • Weapon names are the first letters of their abbreviated names, except the Mega Buster, which is labeled “P” instead.
  • For M.Bazooka, first number is regular shots; second is charged.
  • Thanks to Gamble Man for some of the data.

Uses: 4 units
Obtained From: Galaxy Man
Characteristics: Aimable
Color Scheme: Purple and lilac
Appears In: MM9
There was already a Black Hole weapon, so this one gets the distinction of being one of the few weapons with a three-word name. Anyway, this shoots a small purple sphere that moves slowly forward. Control its flight by pressing Up and Down on the control pad. Press the fire button again to expand the sphere into a black hole that will suck up any enemies (and their shots) that get too close to it. (Most bosses and mini-bosses are immune to being sucked in, of course.) This weapon can thus be used for both offense and defense.

Uses: 2 units
Obtained From: Concrete Man
Characteristics: Freezes
Color Scheme: Dark gray and light gray
Appears In: MM9
This turns enemies into blocks. If the shot hits the ground or a wall without touching an enemy, it will stick to the wall/ground and turn into a block. Useful for making yourself platforms, although the short time that each block lasts can be troublesome. (Also, the aim is a little tricky, since the blob drops downward at an arc, making it sometimes difficult to get it to hit exactly where you want it to.) You can have about three of these on the screen at a time. C.Shot can also freeze the magma lasers that appear in a couple of stages.

Uses: 1 unit
Obtained From: Hornet Man
Characteristics: Homing
Color Scheme: Gold and white
Appears In: MM9
I love this weapon. It shoots hornets that, on an empty screen, simply travel diagonally upward. However, the hornets are homing—they seek out enemies and items on the screen automatically. Hornets move somewhat slowly, but they can damage enemies and pick up items, returning them to you. (They can pick up virtually everything except for Energy/Mystery Tanks.) As a side note, if you want to use the H.Chaser to pick up a weapon energy capsule but you want to refill a weapon other than the Hornet Chaser, just wait until the hornet is almost to Mega Man (and make sure it’s over solid ground) and then open your subscreen and switch to the weapon you want to refill. The hornet will disappear and the weapon energy it was carrying will drop to the ground.

You can have up to three hornets on the screen at once. If there are multiple items or enemies on the screen when you fire multiple hornets, each hornet will seek out a different target. Thus, it’s kind of difficult to get the hornets to seek out what you really want them to go after. If a hornet can defeat an enemy with one shot, it will go through the enemy and continue on in a straight line (it does not seem to continue to seek out more enemies).

Uses: 4 units
Obtained From: Jewel Man
Color Scheme: Cyan and white
Similar To: Star Crash
Appears In: MM9
Forms four little jewels that circle Mega Man. This is another shield weapon, but it’s probably the best implementation of such a shield in the series. You can walk around with the shield active, and use the fire button to fling it forward. Any enemy that touches the shield that can be destroyed with one hit will vanish entirely. If the shield can’t defeat the enemy in a single blow, the shield will damage the enemy and then disappear. You use energy to put up the shield, but after that, destroying enemies and throwing it away doesn’t cost you anything.

One bonus to this shield is it reflects certain types of shots. You can even damage enemies with the reflected shots. Deployed wisely, the J.Satellite can be used to navigate sections of stages without interruption by enemies; you can also use it to quickly destroy enemies to earn energy items to refill your health and weapons. (If you have the Energy Balancer, you can refill other weapons besides the J.Satellite without dropping the shield, once the J.Satellite itself is full.)

Be warned that the shield disappears if you open your subscreen. Also, switching screens in the game (that is, scrolling to a new area) will cause it to vanish as well.

Uses: 1/2 unit
Obtained From: Splash Woman
Color Scheme: Dusky blue and yellow
Appears In: MM9
Shoots a lightning trident head straight forward. Kind of basic, but it uses very little energy per shot and goes straight through enemies, which means it can even damage shielded enemies (such as Sniper Joes). Also, the size of this weapon’s shots (along with the fact that it won’t bounce off anything, but always goes straight through all obstacles) makes it easier to hit things with it than with the regular arm cannon.

Uses: 1/2 unit (2 charged)
Obtained From: Magma Man
Characteristics: Chargeable, Multidirectional
Color Scheme: Red and orange
Appears In: MM9
Fires a three-way shot of tiny fireballs. Or you can charge up to get the larger fireballs that you see Magma Man himself using. (If he can do it, so can you!) You can only have one volley on the screen at a time, so the rate of fire is very slow. Normal shots cost only half a unit of energy, although oddly this one seems to be unique in this game in that it is the second shot, not the first, that takes energy (for the other weapons in this game that use partial units of energy, it’s the first shot that takes energy). However, in either case the game still remembers how much you’d used even after you switch weapons, so you can’t do the Metal Blade energy-preservation trick here.

Uses: 1/2 unit
Obtained From: Plug Man
Color Scheme: Violet and white
Appears In: MM9
This shot travels along the floor, up the walls, and along the ceiling, circling the room until it goes off the screen or until a certain span of time passes. If you are standing on a platform that is hovering in midair, disconnected from everything else, the ball will circle the platform similar to the spark enemies in Plug Man’s stage. If you are in the air when you use this, the shot drops straight down. So, it’s not helpful for hitting things in the air. You can have up to three of these on the screen at once.

Uses: 7 units
Obtained From: Tornado Man
Characteristics: Full-screen
Color Scheme: Green and white
Similar To: Gravity Hold
Appears In: MM9
Produces several tornados that move upward on the screen and also has the side effect of blowing minor enemies off the top of the screen. You can’t dispatch mini-bosses and bosses in this way, of course, but this weapon will damage them wherever they are on the screen, as well as blow away their shots. As an added bonus, Mega Man’s jumping abilities are enhanced during the brief time that the wind is blowing; he can jump higher, similar to being in water. Unfortunately, this weapon is an energy hog, and you only get four shots of this per charge.


Also Known As: Life Energy
Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, MMGG, M&B, R&FWS, MMWW, MMPU
Energy pellets refill your life meter. The small ones refill 2 units—not a lot, but it can really add up.

Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, MMGG, M&B, R&FWS, MMWW, MMPU
These globes are the same as energy pellets except that more energy is refilled.

Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, MMGG, M&B, R&FWS, MMWW, MMPU
The colored pellets are weapon energy. They refill your current weapon or adapter rather than your life energy. Weapon energy changes color according to which weapon you are currently equipped with. Before picking up a pellet be sure to equip a weapon that needs the energy.

Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, MMGG, M&B, R&FWS, MMWW, MMPU
These are the same as weapon energy pellets except that more energy is refilled.

Also Known As: Bolt
Appears In: MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, M&B, R&FWS
These are the same thing as P-Chips from the Game Boy games. Gather these to build items. Tiny Screws are worth 2; large ones are worth 20. You can carry up to 999 Screws at a time, so if you get full build some things to use them up so you can gather more.

Also Known As: Spare Body
Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, MMGG, M&B, R&FWS, MMWW, MMPU
 1 UP
Extra lives. If you have one of these when you bite the dust, you’ll be given another chance at the stage.

Also Known As: E-Tank; Energy Can
Appears In: MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, MMGG, MMWW
This is an entire stock of energy that you can carry around until needed. You use these off the subscreen. When used, your character’s energy meter will be refilled completely. You can carry up to 9 of these at a time.

Also Known As: Mega Tank
Appears In: MM5, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMGG
This is a misnamed Mega Tank. It completely refills Mega Man’s health meter and all of his weapons. If you use this when your health and weapon meters are all already full, then every minor enemy currently on the screen turns into a 1-Up. (This does not affect bosses or mini-bosses, of course.)

Also Known As: EB
Appears In: MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MMV, MMIV, M&B, MM11
This allows you to pick up weapon energy and refill weapons even if you aren’t equipped with them. The EB machine will fill the weapon which needs the energy most first, but you can override its choices by equipping the weapon desired. In this game, if your current weapon is full on energy, the weapon energy will go to another weapon instead.

Appears In: MM3, MM4, MM5, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, MMGG, MMWW, R&FWS
This is a springboard which enables Mega Man to leap greater distances. Just call Rush and then jump onto him. You’ll rebound off and soar almost to the top of the screen.

Appears In: MM3, MM4, MM5, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, MMWW
Mega Man can hop onto Rush and ride him, much like a skyboard. Like the Item-2, you have little control of Rush in this game; he always flies straight forward, and you can only control up and down to degrees.

Also Known As: Beat Whistle
Appears In: MM7, MM9, MM10, MM11
If you happen to fall into a bottomless pit, Beat will fly down automatically and catch you, flying you back up to safety. While Beat is carrying Mega Man, you can guide its flight with the control pad. Then when you’re over safe ground, press a button to jump off. If you don’t do this manually Beat will eventually wear out and drop Mega Man, so be sure to get him to solid ground quickly.

Appears In: MM9, MM10, MM11
When used off the subscreen, Eddie teleports in next to Mega Man and tosses him about five random items. You can get energy refills (both sizes), Screws, and probably 1-Ups though I haven’t seen any of those yet. Kind of a gamble since you can only carry one at a time and you might not get anything particularly useful. (Y’know, back in the day Eddie would come all by himself, and we didn’t have to use up an item to call him...!)

Appears In: MM9, MM10, MM11, M&B, R&FWS
This allows you to land on spikes or lava once without dying (you’ll become briefly invincible instead, just as if you had struck an enemy—so better hurry to safety!). Once this item is used up, you’ll be vulnerable to spikes and lava again.

Appears In: MM9, MM10, MM11
When activated by using it off the subscreen, this reduces all damage you take by half. This one lasts for a single stage, and its effects do persist though the use of 1-Ups, but it does not last through a Continue. Not a bad item; however, personally I’d rather have a permanent Super Armor instead.

Appears In: MM9
This changes Roll’s clothing to her Mega Man 8 outfit. Uh...yeah. The only reason this rates higher than the Book of Hairstyles is because it actually lasts for the rest of the game.

Appears In: MM9, MM10
Mega Man takes off his helmet. That’s right, he has to spend 20 Screws just to take off his helmet. Not only that, but it only lasts for one life to boot! While this is nifty and all, why does he have to spend Screws to take off his helmet? During the cut scenes he can take it off just fine without using Screws...

At any rate, in addition to the appearance change this item also increases damage done to Mega Man, which sort of makes sense, since he doesn’t have his helmet to protect his head anymore.


HP: 28AT: 1
Also Known As: Rockman; Rock
Number: DRN001
Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, M&B, MMWW, MMPU, MMPB, MMPF
Mega Man was once a household robot named Rock, but when Dr. Wily turned evil, Rock was converted by his creator Dr. Light into the fighting robot known as Mega Man. This small blue robot is equipped with twin arm cannons and the Weapon Copy system which lets him take weapons from defeated foes.

Also Known As: Dr.Right; Dr.Wright
Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, M&B, MMWW, MMPU, MMPB, MMPF
This is the scientist that started it all, for he was the one who first created revolutionary human-like robots. He was responsible for creating Mega Man and Roll, and he worked with Dr. Wily for a time.

Also Known As: Dr.Wiley; Dr.Waily
Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMI, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, M&B, MMWW, MMPU, MMPB, MMPF
Dr. Wily was once Dr. Light’s partner, but then he turned against his former colleague and tried to take over the world. Even after being defeated repeatedly by Mega Man, he has yet to give up.

Number: DRN002
Appears In: MM1, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, M&B, MMWW, MMPU, MMPB, MMPF
She was also built by Dr. Light as a housekeeping robot, and is Mega Man’s sister. Her name is designed to match Mega Man’s (Rock and Roll). She helps out with the Item Replicator with Auto.

Appears In: MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, MMII, MMIII, MMIV, MMV, M&B, MMWW, MMPF
Mega Man’s canine companion, this is a robot dog built by Dr. Light to aid in Mega Man’s travels. Rush is always ready to respond to Mega Man’s call; when Mega Man needs use of a Rush form, his dog teleports in, does his thing, and leaves. Any weapon energy you pick up while you have a Rush form equipped (even if Rush isn’t on the screen at the time) goes to that Rush form.

HP: 28AT: 1-3
Also Known As: Blues; Break Man
Number: DRN000
Appears In: MM3, MM4, MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MMIV, MMV, M&B, MMWW, MMPU, MMPB, MMPF
This mysterious robot was constructed by Dr. Light before Mega Man was even built. He likes to be on his own, doing things his way. He often pops in during the games, usually with his characteristic whistle, to give his brother Mega Man items or advice, or to just plain pull him out of a jam.

Also Known As: Rightot
Appears In: MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, M&B, MMPF
This is the robot Dr. Light built to man the Item Replicator. He’s kind of the happy bumbling type that doesn’t have a whole lot of sense, but is usually cheerful.

Also Known As: Flip-Top; Eddy
Appears In: MM4, MM5, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, M&B, MMPF
Dr. Light’s walking suitcase. Eddie brings Mega Man items and power-ups on the field.

Appears In: MM5, MM6, MM7, MM8, MM9, MM10, MM11, M&B, MMPF
Once a little blue attack bird that Dr. Cossack and Dr. Light created together, Beat has now been commissioned to help save Mega Man from bottomless pits instead of fighting directly.


HP: 28AT: ?
Weapon: Concrete Shot
Weakness: Laser Trident
Appears In: MM9
He has three main attacks—he’ll charge at you, jump at you, or shoot three lumps of concrete at you. If he jumps, he will shake the ground when he lands, stunning you if you are standing on the ground at the moment (so jump before he lands). If he manages to hit you with a Concrete Shot, you will be turned to stone. It seems you can escape this early by madly pounding the buttons, but generally not before Concrete Man decides to either bowl you over or land on your head. So, try not to get frozen in the first place. You can use the L.Trident to destroy his C.Shots, both while they are en route and after they have formed into blocks on the ground.

HP: 28AT: ?
Weapon: Black Hole Bomb
Weakness: Concrete Shot
Appears In: MM9
Whenever he’s on the ground, he’ll do one of two things. Either he’ll rush toward you, swooping upward slightly as he goes (stand near the center of the screen and jump this), or he’ll fly to the top of the room and release his Black Hole Bomb. For the bomb, run back and forth as it descends, making sure to change direction at least twice, and it should easily miss you. Once the black hole forms, just keep running away from it. If you are far enough from it, you should be able to turn around and shoot Galaxy Man at least once. You can use the Concrete Shot to freeze the black hole, but personally, I’d just shoot Galaxy Man himself. Once he’s done with his black hole attack, he’ll return to the top of the screen, move across for a moment, and then drop back down to the floor. This is fairly easy to avoid, so you shouldn’t have too many troubles with this guy.

HP: 28AT: ?
Weapon: Hornet Chaser
Weakness: Magma Bazooka
Appears In: MM9
His pattern is pretty consistent—he releases three hornets that fly in formation back and forth, and Hornet Man himself paces across the room. When the hornets are gone, he launches three more and repeats. You can shoot the hornets individually, or dodge them.

Immediately after Hornet Man releases the hornets, they are always in the same formation: stacked one on top of the next. When the correct positioning, you can jump and shoot with the Magma Bazooka and destroy all three with a single shot. Then you just have to hop over Hornet Man himself and shoot at him as he crosses the room. Rinse, repeat.

HP: 28AT: ?
Weapon: Jewel Satellite
Weakness: Black Hole Bomb
Appears In: MM9
He paces back and forth with his shield up, jumping when you jump or shoot. After some time, he will toss his shield at you in a more or less straight line. Jumping this guy can be a bit of a pain, but you can use the Black Hole Bomb to suck up his shield and damage Jewel Man in one go. Try to plant it in the middle of the room somewhere where Jewel Man will be hit multiple times by a single black hole. (Note that it does appear to be possible to shoot your arm cannon shots through his shield, if you have good aim.)

HP: 28AT: ?
Weapon: Magma Bazooka
Weakness: Tornado Blow
Appears In: MM9
Magma Man can blast you with fireballs; however, generally he prefers to just run you over. Granted, if I had hit priority and could damage folks by merely touching them, I’d probably just mow everyone over as well. He’ll charge up at the start of the battle; when he has flames on his head, his fireballs are larger. You can put out his flames with the Tornado Blow. (This also has the nifty side effect of blowing away his fireballs.) When his fire is out, Magma Man will eventually pause to recharge, during which time you can get in some free hits.

You will generally run out of T.Blow before Magma Man is out of health; J.Satellite is an okay substitute for finishing him off because it will protect you from his fireballs, though it only does 1 unit of damage to Magma Man. Or you can just use your arm cannon or whatever else you have.

HP: 28AT: ?
Weapon: Plug Ball
Weakness: Jewel Satellite
Appears In: MM9
He paces his room, rather favoring trying to plant his sprite directly on top of yours, from where it is impossible to shoot him with your regular arm cannon. His Plug Balls crawl along the floor first, then go up the wall, along the ceiling, and when they are lined up with you, they move downward from above in a straight line down off the screen. For best results, use J.Satellite and throw the shields at him. If Plug Man gets too close to you, jump over him and run to the other side of the room and resume your assault from there.

HP: 28AT: ?
Weapon: Laser Trident
Weakness: Hornet Chaser
Appears In: MM9
Yes, a female Robot Master. Actually she’s a mermaid. She sings as she swims back and forth to the top of the screen, summoning three schools of fish to swim across the screen. The fish always move horizontally and they always go from low to high, although the direction from which they come onto the screen varies. Jump the first group, and just stand under the rest. After the fish are all gone, Splash Woman will swim back and forth at the top of the screen and shoot tridents down at you. If you keep moving, generally most all of these will miss you.

To win this battle with ease, just keep releasing hornets at her, especially when she is shooting tridents, because otherwise the hornets tend to seek out the fish instead. (Yes, hornets can fly underwater. No, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.)

HP: 28AT: ?
Weapon: Tornado Blow
Weakness: Plug Ball
Appears In: MM9
This guy can spend his time either on the ground or hovering in the air with the lower half of his body turned into a tornado. Because of this, using the Plug Ball on him seems rather incongruous, but thanks to the walls and ceiling, and the fact that Tornado Man doesn’t stay in one place for long, P.Ball will actually hit him quite frequently. Just keep the balls circling and focus your attention on dodging.

To avoid his tornados, you can stand between them, but it’s easiest to simply run across the room while the tornados are blowing. There are only four of them per group and they can’t cover the entire screen, so if you move far enough away they will all miss you. Just be careful about jumping during this battle because while the wind is blowing, your jumps will be enhanced enough to smack into the spikes at the top of the screen.


I don’t know the actual names for most of these enemies, so these names are purely made up.

HP: 1AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
These are Mets that use 1-Up graphics for their helmets. Obviously they are designed to trick you into letting down your guard as you run to try to pick up all of these “power-ups” that are lying around. As a curious side-effect to this, you can shoot and even walk straight through 1-Up Mets without taking damage or having your shots rebound off. You only suffer damage when they pop their heads up (or if they shoot you). If you have a J.Satellite up, the 1-Up Met is destroyed the instant it pops up and thus never hurts you no matter where you are standing at the time (you can even be standing right on top of it and it doesn’t matter). This makes you completely invulnerable to these guys with a J.Satellite active.

HP: ?AT: 8
Appears In: MM1, MM9, MM10, MMPU
Giant presses. These hop around trying to flatten you. Try not to let them land on you—it will hurt. Big Eyes can jump two different heights, which they appear to choose randomly. One height is enough for you to run underneath; the other isn’t. It’s probably easier to just destroy these guys before they can reach you, instead of trying to dart underneath them. If you do get hit, take the opportunity to run away before you take more damage.

HP: ?AT: 0
Appears In: MM9
These guys drop down from above at preset locations. If you are running when you touch the trigger, they are timed perfectly so that they will come down directly on top of you. Once one grabs onto your character, they will jet sideways at a rapid pace. You can still jump while in their grip, but overall, their goal is to try to fly you into spikes. Thus, the best thing to do is to avoid them altogether. Try walking slowly so that when you reach their trigger, they drop down in front of you, missing you entirely. Or, try the J.Satellite.

HP: 6AT: 4
Appears In: MM9, MM10
Cannons which toss exploding balls in arcs. Because the balls explode when they strike something, they can sometimes damage you even if the ball itself misses, so this is something to watch out for. This cannon lobs its bombs with exceptional accuracy; however, there is a limit on how far downward it can angle its muzzle. If the cannon is on a ledge, you can usually stand right up against the ledge underneath it and it won’t be able to hit you down there. Also, you can shoot the cannon balls in transit.

HP: 4AT: 2
Appears In: MM9
These robots start out as just little puffs of flame in the floor, but as you approach, they come out of the ground and start tossing little fireballs. Fairly easy to avoid; to destroy them, shoot their heads.

HP: 1AT: 4
Appears In: MM9
These robots fly down from above at specific locations. They then stop and hover in the air while shooting out a jet of flame. Because they are shielded from the front, they can be difficult to shoot in a straightforward manner. The easiest way to deal with them is to jump over them or otherwise avoid them when they come down. Since they always go to the same location, you can predict their movements.

HP: 2AT: 2
Also Known As: Kamadoomaa
Appears In: MM1, MM9, MMPU
Little robots that hop around. Not terribly difficult to deal with, particularly if you have good aim. Good for target practice.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
This variant of the flying bird (otherwise known as a Pipi) drops rocks instead of eggs. When the rocks hit the ground, they break into smaller pebbles. You can also just shoot the rocks out of the air. Or just equip the J.Satellite for easy passage.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
These diamond-like robots fly around with their two shell halves closed. They are invulnerable to most weaponry while they are doing this. When they open up to fire, however, you can blast them normally. These robots try to fly toward you, and also aim their shots at you. It’s best to take them out quickly, before they pile up on you.

HP: 1AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
These start out as green leaf-like things that drift downward through the air. When they touch the ground, they assume Spine-like forms that zip back and forth quickly. Unlike Spines, these things can also make small hops, and try their best to get at you. It’s best to shoot them out of the air if you can, before they can turn into their more punishing form.

HP: ?AT: ?
Also Known As: Mettool
Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM9, MM10, MMPU, MMB&C
The trademark of the Mega Man series, these are yellow hard hats with green crosses. They usually lie in wait with their hats down, covering their eyes and feet. Their helmets are impervious to most known weaponry, so one must wait until they pop up to fire. When Mets are firing is also when they can be damaged. Mets usually fire a three-way spread shot.

HP: 6AT: 4
Appears In: MM9
Left to its own devices, this robot just moves from side to side. If you shoot it, however, you will rattle it and little pebbles will bounce out. These pebbles cannot be destroyed but will self-destruct after bouncing a few times. Upon its destruction, the mine cart will drop four more pebbles in predictable arcs, so be prepared for this.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
Usually found underwater, these start out as ordinary-looking black spiked mines. Get close to them, however, and they turn red and start to chase you. After a short time, they explode. You can’t damage them with your normal arm cannon, but you can annoy them and provoke them into action even from a distance. One of the easiest ways to deal with these guys is to suck them up with B.Bomb or blow them away with T.Blow.

HP: 1AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
These things are similar in many ways to Pengs. They usually appear in groups of three, and they move across the screen in a wave pattern. They can go straight through walls and ceilings and other solid objects—but then again, so can your shots, so try to be creative about where you shoot them.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
This is an octopus of sorts in a jar. You have to jump slightly to hit the head of the octopus with the normal arm cannon; otherwise you just strike the jar. The octopus will shoot balls at you in an arc. If you get hit, your character turns black (as if he’s been inked). I don’t know if this has any effect on game play; it goes away if you open your subscreen.

HP: 2AT: 2
Appears In: MM9
This robot is fairly simple. They drop from the sky at predictable angles. When a Parasol disappears off the bottom of the screen or is destroyed, another one appears. Thus, one thing you can do is avoid them instead of destroying them, because that buys you more time to navigate the stage in between Parasols. Or, just activate the J.Satellite to travel in peace.

HP: 1AT: 2
Also Known As: Telle
Appears In: MM2, MM9
These appear out of pipes in the background, and relentlessly move toward you. They can go through walls and everything. (It’s not fair, I tell you.) Only about three of them can be on the screen at once, but if you destroy one or more of them, the pipes will release additional ones to replace them.

HP: 6AT: 2
Appears In: MM9
These green leafy bushes toss shots in predictable arcs. By moving carefully around them, you can avoid being damaged. Try firing at them from a distance.

HP: 4AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
Flower pots with various plantings (flowers, cacti, etc.). When you get close enough to them, they release their flowers (or whatever) as homing missiles that track you. You can shoot the missile out of the air, or dodge it. Also, the missiles have limited range and will self-destruct after they travel too far, so you can alternately simply run away from them.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
These robots don’t try to hurt you directly. Instead, when you enter the screen, they fly by and start creating holographic blocks in specific places on the screen. These blocks are strictly there to confuse you; they don’t actually exist and you can’t stand on them. You can memorize the pattern of the room as it was when you first entered and just ignore the holograms, or try to destroy the Projectors as soon as they come onto the screen to prevent them from doing their thing in the first place. Additionally, for rooms that you have entered via a ladder, you can also scroll off the screen and then back on to remove all of the holographic blocks and “reset” the room, giving you another shot at memorizing the pattern or destroying the Projectors when they come in.

HP: 2AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
When you walk in front of a static screen, you will spawn one of these things. These shadowy duplicates of your own character run around rapidly, sometimes hopping, trying to run you over. Once you destroy the shadow that a particular static screen spawns, that screen will not create a second one until after you scroll it off the screen and return.

HP: 1-2AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
Scissors that operate in a similar manner to the bolts in Mega Man 3. The two halves of the shears come onto the screen from two different directions, then join together. Once the scissors are in one piece, they fly horizontally at a very rapid speed. When they go off the screen the first time, they will turn around and fly back the other way, so be prepared to dodge them. Note that shears have only 1 HP before they join together, but 2 HP once joined. If you shoot one half of the scissors before they join together, the other half will simply fly off the screen in a directional angle.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9, MM10
Seen in other games, these robots are shielded from the front and move tirelessly back and forth. Their movements are not affected by your presence in any manner; they have preset paths and thus will always turn around at exactly the same place every time. Thus, you can predict where you will be able to stand and not be touched by them. Shoot them from behind to destroy them, or use a weapon which can negate their shields.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
Big guys with tank treads and large shields. They sleep until provoked. When you get close to one, it will move forward a bit, then slam its shield down, trying to flatten you with it. This is actually quite cute (even though Mega Man isn’t actually flattened if struck). Once a tank gets rid of its shield, it shoots at you with a small pellet gun. T.Blow has no effect on these guys, but you can shoot through their shields with L.Trident.

HP: 6AT: ?
Appears In: MM1, MM2, MM9, MM10, MMPU
Sniper Joes defend themselves with their shields and are only vulnerable from the front while they are firing. In this game, these guys shoot a stream of short beam-like shots. There are too many shots to jump normally, so try to use ladders and other topography to your advantage. You can also blast the Sniper Joes with the L.Trident straight through their shields (or suck them up with a B.Bomb, or blow them away with a T.Blow, and so on).

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
These sparks of energy travel around platforms, circling them endlessly. They are invulnerable to regular arm cannon shots; however, you can get rid of them with weapons like the T.Blow.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9, MM10
These spider-like robots hang out on the ceiling until you get close enough to them horizontally, at which point they drop down to the floor and begin hopping around. They can make small hops or large ones, and try to aim their jumps so as to land directly on top of you. This can make them very irritating to deal with. Obviously, strive to shoot them from a distance, before they come down off the ceiling. Failing that, you can also try to dart underneath them and run away.

HP: ?AT: ?
Also Known As: Gabyool
Appears In: MM1, MM9, MMPU
Robots such as these show up in some form in nearly every game. They move back and forth along a ledge, speeding up when you approach. They cannot be harmed by the normal arm cannon, although shooting them will freeze them for a brief moment. Some Master Weapons can take them out for good.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
These things jet through the water or the air. They tend to simply appear from the edge of the screen when you reach a certain trigger. What is somewhat unusual about these guys is that their trigger is usually vertical, not horizontal. What this means is that it is your height on the screen that governs when they appear. Keep this in mind and you can sometimes trigger them on your own timetable.

HP: ?AT: ?
Appears In: MM9
These robots hang onto walls with two specially-designed wheels. They move up and down somewhat erratically, then pause to toss a bomb at you. These things are usually only a threat when they are positioned such that they are difficult for you to shoot. Try to be creative in how you go after them.

HP: ?AT: 3
Appears In: MM9
These blobs look like they were extracted from an old-style Yellow Devil. (Ironically, the blob boss uses the new-style Yellow Devil eye.) These blobs just float up and down in the air. If you shoot them, however, they explode into about three smaller blobs—which also float up and down. In many cases, it’s easier to just avoid the large blob rather than spawning the little guys trying to destroy it.

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