Each game has its own page; however, please note that identical games spanning several systems are generally all on the same page. For example, the PC version of Mega Man X is covered on the same page as the SNES version, and so on. (Note that some alternate versions of games, particularly PC versions, may not be covered here since I haven’t played them yet.)

Master Game List
A list of every game in every series, categorized by series.

Hint Explanation
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Game Previews
Games which aren’t released yet, or that were recently released, can be found here.

These are games and other places where Mega Man appears, but isn’t a player character.

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Game rumors and upcoming games.

Unlicensed and authorized games.

Fan-Made Games
Unofficial games made by fans are found in the links section.

Top Games
New to the series and not sure which games are worth your while? Here are a few suggestions.

Cracks and generators—make your own passwords!

Game Counter
Just how many Mega Man games are there? Well, it depends on your criteria for counting...