For your convenience, below is a list of the frequently-asked questions about Mega Man and/or this site in general.






Can I use stuff from this site?
Generally, yes, provided you follow the guidelines on the Request page.
Why haven't you answered my e-mail?
Did you supply me with a valid e-mail address to send the reply to? If you don’t, I can’t send you a response. =)

But aside of this, I do have a life outside of MMHP, so I don’t always have the time to reply to the volume of e-mail that I receive. So some may go unanswered, for which I apologize. However I do read all e-mails and I make an effort to respond where appropriate. It won’t necessarily happen any time soon, though. I don’t have a set schedule for reading e-mail, so you may find I answer within a day one time you mail, then take two weeks the next. Don’t take it personally.

You can try checking the site if your e-mail doesn’t get answered. If I get a lot of e-mails about a particular subject, I’ll often update the site accordingly rather than sending individual replies.

Where can I buy...?
See the Buyer’s Guide. If I know of a definite place, I’ll stick it there. But for the most part you’ll probably have the most luck just doing searches online.
Where can I download Mega Man games?
You generally don’t download Mega Man games, you buy them. (With the exception of Steam, where you do both.) See the Buyer’s Guide.
Why don't you have a message board / forum?
Because I don’t need to. Check out this page and tell me why it’s necessary to add yet another to the list? Notwithstanding that, I wouldn’t have time to moderate the stuff that would get posted to such a forum. If you want to see some classic examples of what would end up happening, check out Capcom’s Black Hole list (man, that was funny). Now just imagine trying to manually ban all these sorts of folks yourself... (Capcom’s employees are paid to do this. I’m not. Case closed.)
Can I link to this site from mine?
Will you link to my site?
If the site has something to do with Mega Man, submit a link to the Links section. (Note: If you are a company selling Mega Man products, consider requesting to be placed in the Buyer’s Guide instead.)

If the site doesn’t have anything to do with Mega Man, then no, I likely won’t be linking to it. This is a Mega Man website, after all.

Would you like to affiliate with my site?
MMHP does not have affiliates; however, I’m more than happy to post links in the Links section to any Mega Man related website. See the link submission section for more details. (Note: If you are a company selling Mega Man products, see the Buyer’s Guide. I will accept affiliate links for that page if they can be text-only.)
Can I advertise on your site?
In case you didn’t notice, MMHP does not have advertising. So, no, sorry. Having said that, if you are a company that sells Mega Man products, you can request a link in the appropriate section(s) of the Buyer’s Guide.
What if I have a question about a particular game?
Visit that game’s Game Hints page and check its FAQ and other sections. Each game has its own dedicated FAQ.
Do you want any help with [insert game here]?
If the game has a complete Game Hints page already posted, feel free to mail corrections, suggestions, etc. (But see another question regarding this.)

If the game doesn’t have a page yet and is relatively new, then no; I may be working on playing through it and I like to do so without spoilers. =)

However, if the game is quite old and I don’t own a copy or don’t have plans to play it, then I do sometimes accept outside contributions to the Game Hints section. This is rather rare, but it does happen, as you can see when you peruse the Game Hints. I pretty much determine these on a case-by-case basis, so I can’t give you an overall guideline here.

I have a technique for beating a game. Why isn't it on the hints page?
The Game Hints pages try to tell the easiest way for the average player to do something. This is by no means ever the only way. The game hints are just that—hints. They are not and were never meant to be the end all that ends all, the “you have to do it this way” means of beating the game. Feel free to experiment. The purpose, after all, of playing a game is to have fun. If you let someone map everything out for you, it destroys this fun. Figuring things out for yourself and designing your own little tailored methods for winning is where the real enjoyment comes in. For those that run into snags, the game hints are meant to give you ideas and get you past trouble areas with as little effort as possible. They are not meant to play the game for you. And besides, there is no way I could possibly post every person’s own personal way of playing the games. This is why all game hints (unless otherwise stated) come from my personal playing experience. No two people play a game exactly the same way, so take my hints as merely that and apply a grain of salt.
Can I send you my tips for beating a game?
Sure, though I am fairly selective about what I will actually post. I always try to test every cheat and suggestion out myself before I post it. For example, if someone suggests using a different weapon on a boss, I’ll actually try it out first to make sure that the weapon is in fact easier and more effective than whatever I’d posted. Don’t take offense at this, but do note that this means it may take me significant time to get around to any particular hint, because it depends on when I decide to pick up the game in question and play it again.

Just please don’t plagiarize from other websites. If you do send tips, they should be your own, not something copied off some other site.

Is Capcom going to make [insert game here]?
Keep an eye on their websites and on the Previews page to find out about new Mega Man games. I sometimes play guessing games in the Commentaries, but for the most part, I don’t know what Capcom’s going to do until they announce it.
Have you heard about the Mega Man movie?
In a sense. The live-action movie that you are probably referring to is a fan project. It is not official. That’s why I don’t cover it on any of the portions of MMHP that cover officially licensed products. You can, however, find the link in the Links section, as with all fan-made things that I am aware of.
What about games in Europe?
I sincerely apologize, but I know next to nothing about most of Capcom’s dealings in Europe. This is not because of any dislike of Europe but simply because I do not live there. So if you ask me anything about whether a game is going to be released in Europe I will have no idea. You can try Capcom of Europe’s website (although I understand the frustration when sites are not regularly updated). The only reason I tend to know more about Capcom’s Japanese products than their PAL games is simply because their Japanese website is kept up better. There you have it.
Is this site ever going to support emulation?
No. Emulators are used for primarily one thing, and that is to play games without paying for them. Making copies of games is illegal regardless of whether you delete the game after 24 hours or whatever else the pirate sites claim. Please don’t argue with me on this—because the important factor is this site was created with Capcom’s permission. It simply cannot support anything which is illegal.
Isn't there a Japanese TV show of the original series?
To my knowledge, no—and trust me, if there was, I would have heard about it long before now. If you’ve seen screen shots on a Japanese website or something, probably what you are looking at is the 3-video set Capcom put out. This isn’t technically a TV show; it’s just three episodes. (You might also be looking at Super Adventure; this isn’t a show but a game.)
Can I submit MP3s/etc. to be posted on this site?
I do not accept submissions of MP3, WAV, or similar digital file formats at this time. Sequenced formats (MIDI, MOD, and its derivatives) can be submitted using the Submission Form if they are your own creations.
Why don't you post songs in NSF, SPC, or etc. format?
There are several reasons, the top ranking one is that I don’t have to. They are already posted elsewhere. I don’t have the time or equipment to make such files myself, and it’s not polite to swipe somebody else’s work off their website and re-post it. If you have need of such files, do a web search in your favorite search engine for “NSF” or whatever the file extension is for the system in question, and you shouldn’t have any troubles turning up sources.
How do you record music and sound effects from games?
To be honest, I used a Power Macintosh for most of the recorded sounds on MMHP, but any PC with a line-in port will do. Most modern sound cards seem to come equipped with one; however, depending on the quality of your sound card, the quality of your input will vary.

A line-in jack looks like a headphone jack; generally, sound cards will have three such ports—one for headphones/speakers, one for the line-in, and one for the microphone. The symbols on the PC casing should clue you in as to which one is which. (Don’t confuse the line-in jack with the microphone jack; they look the same but make sure you know which one is which. While a mic jack will work, the sound quality will be hideous.)

Now, since most video game systems offer audio as A/V (the red and white plugs for left and right audio), if you don’t have A/V inputs you’ll need to convert them to a stereo jack (like what headphones have). Look in Radio Shack for wires to do this. Remember that two bands on the plug is stereo, and one band is mono, so make sure to buy two bands. (Ask someone in Radio Shack if you don’t know what I’m talking about; if the employee you ask is clueless, don’t buy from him and go find somebody else.)

Finally, you need software to do the recording; Sound Recorder that comes with Windows will work in a pinch, though you may want to prep yourself an empty file first, since Sound Recorder will only record to the length of the currently-opened file (and “New” produces a blank file of only 30 seconds). Look online for alternative sound recording software. For the Mac I use SoundEffects. For Windows, more recently I’ve found I like WavePad and Audacity.

How do you take screen shots from games?
I used an A/V Power Macintosh in the past, or a PC with an s-video TV capture card (sometimes known as a TV tuner). Try to make sure that whatever you buy has HDMI or s-video input (best quality).

Once you have the input, you can then plug into your computer literally anything you can plug into a TV (including things like the Game Boy Player), although unless you have the right cables for your video game system (you can usually buy them separately), you may need to buy adapter plugs to convert everything (Radio Shack will sell these). Note that you need software to actually do anything with the video input, but most of the time video hardware comes bundled with the software necessary to operate it, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

How did you create this site?
After doing three revamps by hand (which took about six months each to complete), I finally got wise and wrote myself a parsing program which helps me to manage the layout and style of the site. Now revamping the site takes only three months instead of six. Heh. Believe it or not, I write all of my HTML by hand using a plain ol’ text editor. Graphical editors tend to drive me batty and they wouldn’t mesh very well with my parser anyway.
What did you use to draw the images?
Through the years I’ve tried different paint packages, so actually MMHP represents art done on a wide variety of platforms. Of course, in order to answer this I’ll have to name products, but here we go.

At first I mostly used Deluxe Paint, but you can’t buy that anymore. There’s a program known as Pro Motion that does pretty much the same job though, and can replace Deluxe Paint for most things. Overall, Paint Shop Pro (version 6; they butchered the interface in 7+) has been my all-around paint package for drawing, converting files, applying special effects, working with layers, and such. It handles almost everything you would need for a website, including all file formats you can possibly imagine and certainly every variant used on the Internet (animated GIF, interlaced JPG of various compression levels, PNG with full alpha, etc.). I draw some images from scratch using it, and others I touch up after drawing them elsewhere. And finally of course is the fabled Photoshop, which I actually don’t like very much, but it has some really nice brushes and a couple of filters that Paint Shop Pro is missing.

And that’s about it. I’ve tinkered with a few other programs, but these are largely what I use. I draw everything by hand, and I do most of my anti-aliasing by hand as well. Yes, I’m insane. Oh yeah, and if you want to do any serious drawing on a computer, get a drawing tablet. Personally I use Wacom tablets; one even came bundled with Photoshop LE—not a bad deal.

Are you on Twitter/Facebook/etc.?
No. I am not on any social media (sole exception is the LiveJournal account which is actually not a MMHP blog but rather is just a backup method of contact I created years ago). If you ever do find an account on social media claiming to be MMHP, it’s not me, so don’t be fooled. If you need to contact me you can do so via e-mail.
What's your favorite Robot Master/Maverick/etc.?
I don’t have one. No kidding. I tend to prefer the bosses with a more humanoid appearance (for example, Shadow Man over Toad Man) but that’s just me. Even narrowing it down to those who look mostly humanoid, there are too many for me to pick a favorite.
Who created the Mega Man games?
Video games are made by teams, not a single person. However the person you’re probably thinking of is Keiji Inafune (also known as “INAFKING”). If you look in the credits, he’s usually listed as producer, although in some Mega Man games he’s listed only in “Special Thanks” which probably means he didn’t have anything to do with that game in particular. Still, he is the one who came up with the original ideas for the first Rockman game, and being producer for so many games means he’s had a lot of say about them over the years.
Wasn't Mega Man originally called Rainbow Man?
Not exactly, from what I’ve seen. Apparently, very early on they tossed around the possibility of naming him “Rainbow Senshi Miracle Kid” but dropped that after a while. (Thanks to Joshua Savage.) There were other possible names bandied about before they settled on “Rockman,” which you can see in one of the interviews. As far as the English games go, I don’t know what other names they considered before choosing “Mega Man” once they’d decided to change the name.


Notice - This section can be considered one big SPOILER since I’ll be discussing plots of various games indiscriminately.

Was Mega Man originally a human that was turned into a robot?
Regarding the original series Mega Man—no, not as far as I can tell. Mega Man 4 is one of the games that gives us the story most clearly. In it, it states that “household robots Rock and Roll...” It is not saying that robots were rocking and rolling, but that Dr. Light had two household robots, one of them named Rock. As the story goes (which is also retold in Powered Up), when Dr. Wily attacked, Rock (otherwise known as “Mega”) was converted into a fighting robot and renamed Mega Man. This is the scene you see in Mega Man 4. Notice that Rock, shown standing in some sort of device during this sequence, is already a robot even before the conversion. (You can tell just by looking at him—particularly his feet. He’s got visible joints and such showing his robotic construction.)

There is never any text in the games that I’ve seen that says or even implies that Rock was a human first. As far as I can tell, Dr. Light built him from scratch as a robot, and then later tweaked a few things to make him into a fighting force worth reckoning with.

Are Proto Man and Break Man two separate robots?
As far as I can tell, no. I realize people like to take the fact that he looks a little different in one stage in Mega Man 3 to mean that there are two different robots in that game. However, although it’s a nice idea, I have found no evidence in the games or other official sources to verify that this is indeed what Capcom intended. I figure if Capcom meant for there to be two separate robots, they would have made it clear by now. So until Capcom says otherwise, officially the answer is still no.
Then why does Proto Man fight Mega Man so much?
Evidently he feels that’s the only way Mega Man’s going to seriously improve his skills. Sometimes it appears as though Proto Man is merely testing Mega Man’s abilities or resolve. And there has been at least one case where Proto Man was testing his own skills. Proto Man never seems to be trying to destroy Mega Man, however.
Why does Bass fight Wily so much?
So he can be a player character. Actually in every game where it has happened there has always been a plot reason. For example in Mega Man & Bass he actually doesn’t know at first that King is Wily’s robot, so he thinks he’s fighting for Wily—but when he finds out the truth, he blows up Wily’s machines in anger at being deceived. Usually, the reason has something to do with Wily annoying Bass in some way.
Why is Proto Man's name "Blues" when he's not blue?
It’s not a reference to color at all (just as how the name “Rockman” isn’t referring to rocks). Blues is named after a genre of music (otherwise known as “Rhythm & Blues”). For more information, see the Musical Names page.
Is Zero the future form of Proto Man or Bass?
No. Capcom could do a 180 later and change this, but as of right now, the answer is no. Zero is being constructed by at least Mega Man 7, if not sooner. Both Bass and Proto Man already exist and are running around freely while Zero is still under development in Wily’s lab. That means Zero cannot be any robot currently in the original series. He is apparently a totally new robot built from scratch.
Who built Zero?
Dr. Wily. It is important to note that nowhere in the games is it said that Dr. Cain built Zero. The games don’t even try to suggest this. They do say very specifically that Dr. Cain built Sigma, but not Zero. Thus, there is no contradiction with later games which are quite clearly identifying Wily as Zero’s creator.
Where are Proto Man and other original series characters in the X series?
Nobody knows, officially. Capcom hasn’t said. They haven’t even said what happened to Mega Man, much less anybody else. The only original series character we can definitely place in the X series is Dr. Light—and even he has a lot of mysteries surrounding him (see another question). Dr. Wily is mentioned but we don’t know where exactly he is in the X series world (apparently he died but was brought back to life somehow by the Zero virus—resurrected by a computer virus, now that’s a feat). Most of the rest of the characters aren’t even mentioned at all.
Isn't X really Mega Man?
Not officially. The games haven’t said one way or another yet. I rather doubt it, since the games talk as if X is a totally new robot, not a revamp of an existing one. However, this isn’t definite yet.
Isn't the Elysium in the X series the same one in the Legends series?
Not officially yet. Elysium is a real word so it could just be a coincidence. We won’t know until Capcom says for sure.
Is Dr. Weil actually Dr. Wily?
Nope. Dr. Weil is a totally different person. We English speaking folks tend to link him to Dr. Wily because of his name; I cover this topic in more detail in one of the Musings.
Is Dr. Light dead in the X series?
Evidently not. Although the first few games seemed to be implying that Dr. Light had perished but left recordings of himself for X stored inside capsules, Mega Man X4 and beyond successfully shoot this idea out of the water. In later games Dr. Light’s holograms obviously know about events that they shouldn’t, had they been prerecorded...and Dr. Light even goes so far as to have entire conversations with X and Zero! Thus, it would seem that somehow, in some way, the holograms are able to keep up with current events. Three speculations have been suggested thus far:
  1. Dr. Light is still alive and is communicating with X and Zero live via the capsules. This could be the case in several ways, anything from time travel to some new medical advancement that allowed Dr. Light to extend his life span.
  2. Dr. Light’s body has perished, but before it did, he somehow managed to upload his consciousness into a computer, and thus “lives beyond the grave” in a sense. In this theory, Dr. Light would only be able to appear in the form of a hologram since his body is no longer living; however his mind would be intact.
  3. Dr. Light is dead, but he programmed a computer simulation of himself. This would be something like a robot which has a personality designed to mimic Dr. Light’s own. In this theory, the holograms aren’t Dr. Light at all, they’re merely a computer program emulating Dr. Light.
We have no way of knowing which, if any, of these is correct. X5 does seem to indicate that Dr. Light’s hologram is capable of leaving the capsules and moving around of its own accord (and can even go so far as manipulate its environment) which throws another curve ball into the situation. We’ll just have to wait and see.
Is MegaMan Voulnutt a robot?
No, he’s human. That’s not to say he has always been human, but he’s human now. Mega Man Legends 2 (if you can believe anything it says, given how the plot has enough holes to be a sieve) states specifically that MegaMan transferred his consciousness into a carbon’s body (carbons are humans). This explains things like why he requires a Rebreather device to go underwater. (It doesn’t, however, explain how he can fit into his suit...)
Isn't Dr. Hikari really Dr. Light?
Probably not. Dr. Hikari’s name is an in-joke. People like to point out that it means “light” in Japanese, but the two names are actually completely different words, even in Japanese. In Japan, Dr. Light’s name is literally “Raito” (their way of spelling the English word “light”). Besides, Dr. Light’s first name is Thomas and Dr. Hikari’s first name is Yuichiro. So no matter how you look at it, if Dr. Hikari really was Dr. Light, he’d have to get a legal name change first. =) (Thanks to the usual suspects—you know who you are.)
Isn't Lan's grandfather really Dr. Light?
It’s highly unlikely, and I kind of wish Capcom would stop confusing their customers to death by making parallel characters in totally different games. For one, Lan’s grandfather’s name is Tadashi Hikari—not Thomas Light, and no, this is not a translation error as Tadashi is not how Thomas would be written even in Japanese. (And for a discussion of the Hikari part, see the previous question.) For another thing, the timing is wrong; there is no way that the original series and the Battle Network series can take place in the same universe because their years overlap and yet their plots and technologies do not (there are no robots in the Battle Network universe, and there are no PETs in the original series, yet both take place at ostensively exactly the same time).

Undoubtedly, Tadashi Hikari was given the appearance that he has for the same reason as Wily was placed in the boat shop in Legends 1—an in-joke.

If Mega Man and X dueled, who would win?
This question has no correct answer. There are too many factors involved which do not allow a conclusive decision.

For example, X begins his games pitifully weak, with almost half Mega Man’s number of units in his energy meter and no defense to speak of. (In the game manuals he’s also said to be a relatively poor Maverick Hunter due to his aversion to violence.) However if X gathers all of the enhancements in a game, he usually more than makes up for his bad start. But of course Mega Man has his own enhancements, and also the ability to carry more energy refills on board (9 full refills versus 4). So the outcome of the battle may well just depend on when and where the two met, and who had what equipment at the time.

Yet even beyond all of this, keep in mind that better equipment doesn’t necessarily mean a definite victory. There are other factors which can have as much or more of an impact, such as experience, will, drive, and just plain dumb luck.