This section covers games which are rumored to exist, are in development, or have recently been released. If the game you’re looking for isn’t found here, try the Game List page.


The following games are confirmed meaning Capcom has announced they are in development. They may still be canceled as sometimes happens, and so may never see the light of day, but they are at least not baseless rumors.

Note: Release dates and other information are subject to change.


  • Mega Man: The Wily Wars
    [Release Date: September 2019]
    So Wily Wars isn’t a new game; quite the opposite. However, it’s being included as part of Sega’s new re-release of the Sega Genesis (called the Sega Genesis Mini). If you never got the chance to play the game in the past, here’s your opportunity to try it now. You do have to buy the entire system for it, however, which makes the game a liiittle pricey at $80—but hey, you get 41 other games with the package. If even one of those games is one you would want to play (Sonic 2 comes to mind—you even get two controllers so a buddy can play Tails) that clocks in at $40 a game, which is pretty typical for that era.
  • Rockman GoGo
    [Release Date: Unknown]
    I don’t know much of anything about it, but this game apparently was licensed by Capcom (evidently developed by a company called Jenoi). It’s available in South Korea only thus far, so I doubt I’ll be able to review it. (And, at the bottom of the page under “Similar,” I can’t help but be amused by the Mega Man rip-offs, but anyway.)


These are games which are rumored to exist or otherwise get asked about a lot, but are either (a) proven false (and are listed here for your information); (b) misnomers; (c) canceled; or (d) titles for which I can find no official confirmation that I can point to. In no particular order....
  • Mega Man Legends 3: This one’s been canceled as well. No real reason was given; it’s just a management decision. These sorts of things happen, but I was really impressed with how they were involving so many people with the project, so it’s a shame not to see it go forward. And it’s always a shame to see that much creative work and energy go into a game, and then the game never gets released...
  • Mega Man Universe: This was to be a sort of bizarre 3-D remake of traditional side-scrolling Mega Man with some gratuitous pixilated 8-bit 2-D elements thrown in. However, it got nixed, and I’m not sure Capcom will ever resurrect it.
  • Mega Man Online: Guess I should list this, though I know little about it. From what I read, this was going to be a Korean 2-D massively-multiplayer online game set, evidently, in the Mega Man X universe.
  • Rockman Xover: I don’t normally cover cell phone games here, since there are so many of them and they’re usually ports or relatively low quality, but this one looked interesting. Apparently it was an online game requiring servers, as there’s an announcement that service has been discontinued. Might have been fun while it lasted?
  • Mega Man Anniversary Collection (GBA): This one was announced, marketed, and then canceled. Sorry, folks. It was going to be the first five Game Boy games ported to the Game Boy Advance, but never saw the light of day.
  • Mega Man Mania: The original name of the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for GBA listed above.
  • Mega Man Xtreme 3: This one wasn’t just canceled—it barely even existed in the first place. There’s a ROM of this floating around that’s either a prototype or a pirate, but the game itself was never announced, much less released.
  • Mega Man X7 (GBA): As far as I can tell, this is a complete screw-up on some store’s part, which listed this in their “upcoming releases” catalog and started a firestorm. There is no information about such a game on any of Capcom’s websites, even their Japanese one (Mega Man games come out in Japanese before they come out in English). And there is not likely to be a port of Mega Man X7 for the GBA considering the original is for the PlayStation 2 (and it’s in 3-D for crying out loud).
  • Mega Man Extreme: It’s “Xtreme.” Capcom spells funny. You won’t find anything on MMHP if you look for “Extreme.” I spell titles the way they are spelled in the game itself.
  • Mega Man Neo: This was the original title everyone used for Mega Man Legends back when Legends was little more than a rumor. The name is now obsolete; however you may still see it floating around on archived websites and such. Note: I’m told there’s also a fan-made game named “Rockman NEO” which has nothing to do with Legends, but may also be causing some confusion.
  • Mega Man V (GBC): It was posted in Nintendo Power that this game (which currently is a Super Game Boy game, which is slightly different than a Game Boy Color game) was going to be upgraded for Game Boy Color but apparently the project never saw the light of day. (Either that or the info was just plain wrong, which is not uncommon with gaming magazines.)