Note: Gaz reports that passwords which give you multiple enhancement chips will not work in the X Collection version of the game. Such passwords only work for the original SNES version.

[Update] A couple of bugs have been found in this generator regarding Bit/Byte/Vile. The password crack has been updated but this generator has not yet been corrected, and so may still produce invalid passwords.

This password generator is based on Steven Tyber’s crack of one of Mega Man X3’s four password system variations. It is somewhat untested, so some combinations of selections in the form might produce weird or perhaps incorrect results. The JavaScript code behind the generator was programmed by me, but I got some invaluable assistance from MMHP, who let me use her MM2 password generator as model for this one.

Code Copyright © 1998 Luc Miron.

Please do not copy this to another site. If you wish to have a password generator, just link to here. Thanks.