Mega Man must crush a mysterious rebellion, as once peaceful robots are transformed into a horde of humanity-hating berserker droids...and Mega Man is top on their to-smash list!

Special Features

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This game looks and plays pretty much like the first one for the PC. Note that Mega Man defies all laws of physics and floats in this game, which is quite annoying when you are trying to maneuver underwater.

Incidentally, apparently the ending to this game is identical to the ending to the first PC Mega Man game. That’s a nice reward for suffering through the impossible play control...

Note: While I have heard rumors of a Mega Man 2 for the PC to span the gap between the first and third, I haven’t actually seen the product so I cannot verify its existence.

Damage Data

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Bit Man1006038
Shark Man1604800
Wave Man1380446
Oil Man1036080
Blade Man1860304
Torch Man1048030
Dr.Wily (with shield)1003000
Dr.Wily (without shield)1040000
Data compiled by EvilNickJr

Suggested Order

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DocLight suggests:
  • Wave Man (use arm cannon or Oil Stream)
  • Torch Man (use Water Shooter)
  • Bit Man (use Torch Arm)
  • Shark Man (use Bit Cannon)
  • Blade Man (use Shark Boomerang)
  • Oil Man (use Blade Launcher)


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Since there aren’t many fortress bosses, here are some strategies for fighting the Robot Masters as well. (All strategies are from MegaManZ.)
Bit Man:
Fire away until Bit Man bends over and fires his Bit Cannon. Then jump over the projectile, then Bit Man as he charges you, and finally watch out for the four bricks that fall from the ceiling after each of Bit Man’s charges.
Blade Man:
Basically Blade Man was a waste of programming. All you have to do is stay in the middle of the room. Blade Man will never fire unless he jumps and lands next to a wall. So just stay in the middle of the room and fire away at him, being careful he doesn’t land on you.
Wave Man:
(Not that Wave Man; the other one.) Stay out of his firing range; you’ll most likely never dodge his shots when you’re in range. Pound him with the Shark Boomerang. If you don’t have that (or if it’s just too annoying for you) use the Blade Launcher. It too does decent damage.
Torch Man:
Stay in the middle of the room and make sure he doesn’t jump on you (he jumps really slow, it’s no trouble at all). Torch Man’s only attack is to launch a small fireball whenever he lands next to a wall. Since this guy has no brains whatsoever, he is a good robot to start with (so are Oil Man and Blade Man, but Blade Man’s level is kinda annoying without the Water Shooter). If you want to really waste Torch Man, use the Water Shooter!
Oil Man:
(Not that Oil Man; the other one.) Oil Man does almost the same thing as Torch Man. So use the same strategy as listed above.
Shark Man:
Similar to Torch Man and Oil Man, Shark Man jumps around a lot, seeming to only fire when he’s near a wall.

Fortress Bosses:

Crorq hasn’t changed much from the first PC Mega Man game. Just shoot his head with the plasma cannon or Bit Cannon, jump over his projectiles, and then jump over him (don’t try to do so directly! Use the bricks above him to get over him; he’s too high to jump directly). Repeat. Use the Weapon Energy in this room to power up the Water Shooter, you’ll need it later...
Dr. Wily:
First off, don’t bother trying to jump over Dr. Wily. Even if you do make it over him you’ll be in no better position to dodge his attacks over there. And don’t try to walk up to him either. Since he’s floating in some kind of acid water you’ll just get killed with one hit. To finish off Dr. Wily, first fire off the Water Shooter until Wily’s protective shield breaks. Once this happens fire at him straight with your arm cannon or Shark Boomerang. Don’t bother trying to dodge Dr. Wily’s shots. It’ll be a losing battle. Just make sure you have an extra Energy Tank for this battle. You’ll need it.


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  • (B) Bit Cannon (3 units) Moves slowly; try firing it while jumping.
  • (L) Blade Launcher (4 units) Fires three shots upward.
  • (O) Oil Stream (2 units)
  • (S) Shark Boomerang (3 units)
  • (T) Torch Arm (2 units)
  • (W) Water Shooter (2 units) Fires three projectiles per shot.

Some information from Matthew Presley.

Tricks and Secrets

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From DocLight: All the bosses, except Bit Man, Crorq, and Dr. Wily, have the same attack pattern. They start at the right of the screen, jump across, and shoot when they get to the other side. Exception: Bit Man (who walks across instead of jumping) and Wave Man, who shoots more randomly and not always at the side.

From MegaManZ: The ladder trick is useful here—that is, use a ladder to dodge enemy shots. You can climb into position to fire at enemies, then climb out of the way of their shots, and repeat. This is handy in many Mega Man games, especially to get rid of Joes that are standing at the top of ladders.