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Game Counter
May 2, 2008

So over on Capcom’s blog they were asking people to identify just how many Mega Man games have been made over the years. And you know, this question is actually a lot harder to answer than it would at first seem.

Sure, I have the Game List all handy for anyone who wants to take the time to go through counting up the games. But it’s still not quite that simple. For example, do you count the Complete Works as one game or six? It was technically sold as six separate games, but that’s pushing it if you ask me. Do you count all of the cell phone games? Do you count each version of a game as a separate game? Do you count only games that Capcom published, or do you also count third-party games? Do you include games that came out only in English? Only in Japanese? And so on.

I doubted anyone would agree on a set of the programmer in me said, why not let people decide for themselves?

So I whipped up this handy-dandy Game Counter JavaScript application. (Unfortunately you’ll need a fairly recent browser to run it; if you receive weird errors, it’s probably because your browser doesn’t like the JavaScript objects I’m using.)

Now you can plug in your own criteria and see just how many Mega Man games there are that fit those choices.


- The MegaMaster