Zero was awakened by Ciel after 100 years of stasis. With his memory gone, most of his past is unknown. He joins forces with the resistance force to battle a force of renegade robots trying to eliminate all Reploids.
This human scientist was involved in Reploid research before Reploids were banned. Now she runs a resistance group which strives to save Reploids who are being hunted down and destroyed.
This is a Reploid scientist who helps out the outcast Reploids and makes weapons for Zero.
Having lost his physical form, X now exists only as a Cyber-elf.
Dr. Weil
This scientist was banished from Neo Arcadia years ago when he started the Elf Wars using the Dark Elf and Omega.
Copy X
A perfect copy of X? Or just a wanna-be? Whichever he is, he thinks of himself as a hero, yet has a heart of cold steel.
Sage Harpuia
Once one of Copy X’s Four Guardians, Harpuia is still loyal to X and the humans he fights to defend.
Fairy Leviathan
Another of X’s Guardians who starts out snippy toward Zero, but later turns against Dr. Weil for the sake of the humans.
Fighting Fefnir
This Fire-based X Guardian is very enthusiastic about fighting, almost regardless of the cause.
A ninja-like X Guardian who once led the Zan’ei Army. Even after being defeated by Zero, he returns in cyberspace form.