Please note that by downloading anything from The Series section, you agree to adhere to the following:

  1. Personal Use
    • All books, mini-books, etc. (herein referred to as “books”) and their related artworks (covers, promo drawings, etc., herein referred to as “artwork”) may be freely downloaded for private use and stored, printed, converted, used to wallpaper bedrooms, whatever. I don’t care. Knock yourself out.
  2. Distributing (Offline)
    • Books may be distributed provided their text remains intact and unaltered. (Converting them to another file format is allowed.) Intact means they must retain all sections, including the copyright and trademark information at the head of each one. Unaltered means you may not add text or images to the files, put your name or site logos on them, or anything else.
    • Books/artwork may not be sold for any amount of money for any reason. This would violate copyright/trademark laws.
    • Please do not distribute artwork without attaching proper credit to it first.
  3. Posting (Online)
    • Note: I am hereby making a policy change on this one. Including books in fanfic sections of other websites or other places online is still allowed, but only if:
      • You clearly give proper credit and do not try to claim the books as your own or as an exclusive to your site,
      • There is no fee for accessing the books, and
      • You link directly to the books on this website.
      Please do not keep copies or “mirrors” of the books. I frequently change files, fix stupid mistakes, and so forth, and I have a pet peeve against old copies of my works sitting around on other people’s servers. The only way to ensure that all copies of the books remain current is to insist that everyone link to the copies that I myself upload. You may structure the rest of your fanfic section to introduce the books however you like; however the actual book files must link to here. Thank you for respecting my wishes on this matter.
    • Artwork may be used in such fanfic sections to accompany the books provided proper acknowledgment of the source of the artwork is clearly stated.