• As you can see, the MM5 password system does not remember the number of Energy Tanks, nor does it remember if you collected a Mega Tank or not. You’ll therefore start your game with none of these items in reserve. Luckily, you can revisit the levels and collect some, if you need to. The best places to find Energy Tanks and a Mega Tank are the Stone Man and Crystal Man levels.
  • As you probably know already, to acquire the services of Beat, you must select all the letters.
  • To go directly to Proto Man’s fortress, select all the weapons in the list. The letters are optional. Sorry, but there’s no way to skip to Dr Wily’s castle.
  • This password generator is based on Thump Chan’s crack of the MM5 password system. The JavaScript code behind the generator was programmed by me, but I got some invaluable assistance from MMHP, who let me use her MM2 password generator as model for this one.
JavaScript Code Copyright © 1998 Luc Miron.

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