Non-Japanese Mega Man toys used to be quite the rare breed indeed. But thankfully that has changed in recent years. Since I can’t possibly list every single toy, I’ll restrict myself to categories instead. Here is a brief list of some of the available items.

Note: This page by no means lists every toy available. There are tons of Mega Man toys now (which is a good thing!) so it’s getting near impossible to manually list them all. These are only some of the ones I was personally able to get a hold of or that I decided to mention. Actual models may differ from what is shown. Usual disclaimers apply.

For some tips on where to buy these, see the Buyer’s Guide. (Or really, just use a search engine.) =)



Mega Shows Action Figures
As some of the first toys ever available to the American audience, these get listed first. Modeled after the appearances of the characters in the cartoon shows, these toys are the Mega Man equivalent of the typical poseable action figures that kids play with. The figures available include Mega Man, Rush, Proto Man, and many of the Robot Masters that were featured in the show. The robots came with removable arms (weapons) that could be interchanged between the various figures, thus emulating Mega Man’s ability to “take” other robot’s weapons.
Mega Shows Vehicles
There is at least one vehicle (the Air Raider), and perhaps more, modeled after the Mega Shows and made to be used with the action figures above. The Air Raider has a car mode and a plane mode, and fires missiles. (Photo from JTMitchell87.)
Non-Poseable Collector’s Figures
Again based off the cartoon shows, these are basically small figurines, about three inches high. They are made of sturdy plastic and painted, but are not in any way poseable. They’re mostly good for decorating your computer monitor. Sold often in pairs of two, these toys include Mega Man, Roll, Rush, Dr. Light, Proto Man, Dr. Wily, and a good assortment of Robot Masters.
Jazwares Figures
These are not based off the Mega Shows, and are much more recent, coming out for Mega Man’s 15th anniversary. The “small” versions, at six inches, are larger than any of the Japanese figures, and the ten inch figures are huge. The figures cover the most prominent characters of the X and original series, along with a few Robot Masters and such, and are pretty poseable.
Jazwares Mega Minis
According to the marketing, there are supposed to be multiple sets of these, one for each series. However, so far I’ve only personally seen the X series set.
Model Kits
There are now model kits, like the ones in the Japanese section below, being sold in English packaging. They are largely the same thing, but tend to be a little bit bigger, and generally have more details pre-painted on for you. Note that if you can’t find your desired character in an English box, you can probably still make do with a Japanese import, since the instructions are very easy to follow even if you can’t read Japanese (shh, don’t tell anyone).
Kotobukiya Kits
These are also model kits, but are worth mentioning separately since they’re generally better engineered (the joints in particular are quite impressive) and are better proportioned to boot. Some of these, including Mega Man, Proto Man, Roll, and a couple of X and Zero series characters, are available in English.
D-Arts Figures
Some of these are called “statues” because they aren’t poseable, but they are quite detailed and fairly accurate to the drawing styles found in the games. This line is still in progress as of this writing, but includes some original series and X series characters right now.
Jada Toys
A relatively new line that curiously uses Complete Works-era artwork for the box art, but the actual toys are modeled more closely after Mega Man 2-era original artwork. I don’t personally own any of these (yet) but from what I can see they are quite poseable and come with various removable pieces.
NT Warrior Figures
These are being released by Mattel. From what I’ve seen, they are fairly well made and pretty poseable. Most of them are quite large, measuring in at around 6 inches or more. There are some 2 inch mini-figures though. There are lots of varieties, including an assortment of characters and lots of different forms and weapons for MegaMan.
PET Toys
They finally released some of these in English. This is the new model PET, rather than the original style that was released in Japan. Note that these PETs are tiny. They’re about the size of a large cell phone. However, you can in fact slot chips into them and fight viruses, as well as link up with a buddy and fight his Navi one-on-one. There are two colors available as of this writing (Lan’s and Chaud’s) but you get MegaMan.EXE as your Navi either way. Note that Japanese Battle Chips do in fact work in the English sets, and so I would assume the other way around is true as well.
There are a number of different plushies out there, of different sizes, by different makers, being sold in the English markets. Just as of this update I stumbled by accident over a brand new stock while shopping for Christmas for someone else. There’s even a plushie helmet that you can wear on your head. So far I’ve seen mostly main characters (Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass, Zero, Rush, etc.) but there are probably others.
POP Toys
Just mentioning these because. They’re super-deformed plastic bobble-heads. With shiny metallic armor.
Live Action Play Toys
That’s what I call them anyway. For example, you can buy MegaMan.EXE’s arm cannon sized for a small child and he can pretend he’s MegaMan busting viruses. That sort of thing. There are also pieces of merchandise that look like dress-up toys even though they have other functionality; for example, the headphones that also happen to look like the ear-thingies on Mega Man’s helmet. They might fall into this category as well.
Board Games
I guess this counts as a toy. I’ve seen a Battle Network (“NT Warrior”) board game released in English and probably other languages. (I also recall seeing one in Japanese, but it’s probably a different thing.) And there’s now another board game based on the original series. And you know, even when you are not playing the actual game itself, you do get some nifty little figurines along with it...
Capsule Toys
Capsule toys that you get out of vending machines, but actually Mega Man this time and not Rockman. I haven’t seen these particular versions myself (there are others in the Japanese section below), but if you don’t mind paying an arm and a leg, you can buy them flat out (but you’d end up with a merchant’s stock—that is, 250 of them—so this is only viable for the insane collector). Thanks to Andy.
Marvel VS Capcom Action Figures
A few figures were made for the game Marvel VS Capcom in which Mega Man is featured. The Mega Man toy comes packaged with War Machine and includes clip-on Hyper armor. It doesn’t look terribly like him, but it’s pretty poseable, and the included backdrop is of Mega Man’s stage (with Dr. Wily in the background).
Mega Man 8 Collector’s Figure
I don’t know if this counts, but Capcom created a non-poseable super-stretch figure of Mega Man to sell with their game Mega Man 8.


There are, likewise, a lot of Rockman toys in Japan. I’m only scratching the surface with this list, which has become horribly outdated by now, but this shows some of the earliest toys that were available.

Model Kits
These are kits which come with a set of plastic frames holding various pieces, plus stickers. You must pop the pieces off the frames and put them together to form the figure. Because of this, the resulting figures are extremely poseable, but they do tend to fall apart easily. For this reason I don’t recommend them for small children.
These figures basically fall into categories:
  • Original series: The only original series figures of this type that I am aware of are modeled after Mega Man 8 and include Rockman (Mega Man), Blues (Proto Man), Forte (Bass), Duo, Tengu Man, Sword Man, and Rash (Rush).
  • X series: There are a ton and a half of these. Most are of X and Zero and differ only in what armor they are wearing or what weapons they have. Some armors are from the games; some are original. You can also build Vile (Vava) and even some of the robot walkers (ride armors) from the X games.
  • Legends series: I’ve only seen Rock (MegaMan) so far, but there may be others. There are several weapons to choose from, and the figures are more poseable than most.
  • EXE series: The Battle Network characters can now be found as model kits as well.
  • Kotobukiya kits: These are available of various characters of various series and differ from the vast majority of the others in terms of style.
Rockman EXE Figures
These look similar to the model kits above, but you don’t have to put them together. They are also extremely poseable and usually come with lots of extra accessories.
Key Chains
There are so many of these I can’t even list them all. I’ve seen key chains of characters from the original series, the X series, and even the Legends series (Capcom was giving away Servbot key chains a while back). Some of the key chains are the same figures as the various mini-figure sets, just with key rings attached to them.
So far I’ve seen original series characters and EXE series characters of these. There are probably more. There are plushies of the standard main characters, but also some lesser known characters such as Pharaoh Man.
PET Toys
These are replicas of the PETs in the EXE games. (Note that the Japanese toys were originally the old style PET, that is, the appearance from the original games. They may have also released the new style PET toys in Japan as well.) You get physical Battle Chips that you stick into the PET like in the anime/manga, and you can use them to do battles on the low-res LCD screen. Note that as far as I know, if you buy the old-style Chaud PET (the red one), you get ProtoMan as your Navi instead of MegaMan. This isn’t true for the new-style PETs, at least the English ones.
Battle & Chase Remote-Control Cars
These are fully-functional, battery-powered (they even come with batteries!) remote control cars modeled after the cars in Battle & Chase. So far I’ve seen Rockman and Blues. Each car is about six inches long and mostly pre-painted, with the remaining details applied using stickers. The cars are well-built, go forward and reverse, turn in either direction, and even have a wheel alignment adjustment. Each one comes with some props including ramps and traffic cones for driving over.
Rockman 5 Non-Poseable Mini-Figures
These are figurines done much in the same style as the American non-poseable collector’s figures above. However, the Rockman ones follow the original Capcom drawing style circa Mega Man 3 or so (i.e., before super-stretch and the weird-knee syndrome kicked in). They are very finely crafted from a solid rubber and intricately painted. The level of detail on these things amazes me. Figures available are Rockman (Mega Man), Blues (Proto Man), Rush, Dr. Waily (Dr. Wily), and all eight of the Robot Masters featured in Mega Man 5.
“Rockman Series” Mini-Figures
I’ve seen two separate sets of these so far. They’re basically boxed collections of mini-figures. Most of the figures are original series characters, but there are a couple of X characters included as well. The figures are based off the Mega Man 7 era art style. Like most mini-figurines, these are not poseable.
Rockman X2 Wrestling Mini-Figures
Similar in size to the Rockman 5 figures above, these have movable arms and are designed to be used on a wrestling platform. Due to their small size, they are slightly SD when compared to normal X2 art. The entire set comes in one big box. Figures include X, Zero, Sigma, and a few others.
Rockman Battle & Chase Cars with candy
Little plastic cars modeled after the PlayStation game Battle & Chase. They are similar to the model kits, above, in that they come in pieces on plastic frames, and you must put them together. However, the only stickers you get are the eyes/headlights of the vehicle, so basically you must paint them if you want them to be more than two colors. Cars come in sets of two, and each set comes with a little white plastic pull-back motor thingie to allow you to pull the cars back and let go, and they will roll forward. Unfortunately, you only get one motor for every two cars, and cars without the motor cannot roll. Parts on cars are intentionally interchangeable, so that you can mix and match pieces much as is done in the game itself. Included cars are: Mega Man and Roll, Proto Man and Ice Man, Bass and Spring Man, Quick Man and Guts Man, and Shadow Man and Napalm Man. Each set also comes with a tiny packet of candy, for which I see no purpose whatsoever, as the cars are not in themselves candy dispensers. Oh well.
Miscellaneous Others
I don’t know if these count as toys, but there are lots of other things with the Rockman brand stamped onto them, such as lunch boxes, towels, pillows, and so forth. Maybe eventually I’ll give all of these sorts of things their own page...