The following snaps are from the promotion video that was created for the Mega Man cartoon shows, before the drawing style was changed. This is not a Japanese cartoon show. This two-minute promo was made exclusively for the American shows. In fact, some of the footage appears to have been kept in the opening titles for the American show (mostly places where there were no characters shown).

[Update] I finally got together some video equipment and made a recording from the original VHS tape that was supplied to me. In the course of doing this I discovered that two people had actually sent me copies of this video, not just one as I originally credited. I apologize for the low quality but this was pretty much the best that I could get; the VHS quality was not that great either but was the best that could be provided considering it’s a copy of a copy of who knows how many generations.

Please do not independently distribute these particular movie files. If you wish to link to them, link to this page. Thanks!

Thanks to David Minter for the AVI.

Below are some still shots. I’ve included a text transcript of the voice-over on this video. I think this sales pitch is revealing. Just look at what their target audience was, and it might become obvious why the drawing style was changed...

(Select thumbnails of screen shots to see larger versions.)

That’s a lot of Yellow Devils
That’s a really tiny Big Eye...

“Twenty-first century Earth: The good Dr. Thomas Light creates Mega Man, a warrior hero with titanium battle armor. His mission? To stop the evil Dr. Wily in his quest for world domination, along with Wily’s rebel robot force. Mega Man, with his faithful companion Rush the robo-dog, go head to head against the worst of Wily’s bad robots.

“Mega Man, the game, produced by Capcom, the premiere supplier of interactive cartridges in the world today, has sold over two and a half million Mega Man cartridges to date, with pre-sales of over seven hundred fifty thousand units for the upcoming S.N.E.S version of the next mega adventure, leading to an even higher awareness with boys six to twelve.

“Mega Man, the toys, by Bandai, the leader in toys in Japan and other Pacific rim countries, have been hugely successful. Now, Mega Man comes to the United States, ready to launch a major licensing program.

“And the mega news for 1994? Capcom is bringing you the animated Mega Man story with 13 half hour episodes produced by the award-winning action/adventure Ruby-Spears Animation Studios. With a per episode budget of 300,000 dollars, each Mega Man half hour will feature the most popular game characters. Bad robots like Guts Man, with his incredible strength. Bright Man with his blinding flashes of light. The pesky Batontons, a big nuisance for the blue bomber. The egg bombing birds. And all the robot bosses that have made Mega Man a break-out hit with boys! The well-known Mega Man will reach new heights when it comes into your station’s homes, ready to knock off the competition! Mega Man: a mega hit for 1994!”

Don’cha wish you could do that in the games?
The Mega Man Slam!
Note: Sorry the screen snapshots aren’t that great, but the quality of the playback wasn’t very great either. This was the best I could get. Thanks to David Minter and D-T for the copy of the video and rollchan_productions for the original recording.