[NEW LISTING] icons indicate sites that were added during the most recent update. This does not imply that the sites themselves are new, just that the link is a new addition.

These are sites which are related to Mega Man but either defy classification, or just haven’t been given categories yet. I hope to eventually whittle away this section, but for now, this is where sites that don’t have a category land.

TopOTHER - the Captain N Network — A site about Captain N covering the shows and the comics. Also includes information about the Zelda shows and comics, Nintendo Power comics, fandom, and more. (Change)
David Harris’s Mega Man X page — One of two of his pages; the other can be accessed from here. (Change)
Nintendo Legend — Reviews of all American-released NES games. As of this writing, Mega Man games weren’t covered yet, but will be in time—there are a lot of NES games. (Change)
The Unofficial Captain N Home Page — Since The Series includes the N-Team, I thought I’d add this page to the list. This is a huge site with everything you’d need to know about Captain N...and then some. (Change)

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