How did you choose the categories?

Aside from the obvious categories—including those that already crop up a lot in existing Mega Man sites (sprite comics come to mind)—I chose the rest of the categories literally by what people have asked me for the most. For example, I added an “Accepts Submissions” sub-category under the “Fan Fiction” section because I have gotten a lot of requests to post fanfic. This was purely based on visitor feedback through the years.

How do you decide which sites go in what categories?

I strive to do it based on what a visitor would find helpful. For example, the “Sprites” category is for sites that are focused in some way on sprites. Just because a site displays sprites as part of its graphical theme does not mean it lands in the “Sprites” section. In order to be in that section, it must offer sprites for download, or offer fan-made sprites, that sort of thing. And so forth with the other categories.

Can I suggest a new category?

Sure. I don’t guarantee using submitted categories, but I will definitely take into consideration any suggestions that I get.

Why is there no ROMs category?

Trust me, if you’re hosting ROMs, the last thing you want me to do is make it easy for the powers that be to find you. ;) And if you’re looking for ROMs, you’re looking in the wrong place. I can’t and won’t help you, so don’t bother asking.

Why didn’t my link get posted?

  1. The site was broken. I check all URLs before posting them, and if I get a 404 or other error (or worse, a search page squatter), the link doesn’t get posted. So if your page has been broken for a while and therefore hasn’t appeared in this links section, submit it again once it’s working.
  2. The site had no content. Please submit later when you’ve got content. Thanks. (Note: A front page with a guestbook and affiliates links is not considered content, sorry.)
  3. I couldn’t find the site’s content. Yes, this happens occasionally. It’s usually due to broken links, but also sometimes thanks to extremely poor color choices, bad layout, or a broken layout (broken images, broken Flash files, that sort of thing). If I can’t find your site’s content, I assume it doesn’t have any and move on.
  4. The site requires registration. If I can’t access the site, I can’t tell what kind of content it has. Therefore, generally no link is posted.
  5. The site didn’t have anything to do with Mega Man. Only Mega Man or related pages qualify to be added to this links section. So if your page doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Mega Man, I probably won’t add the link.
  6. The site blatantly ripped off MMHP against the policies of the Using Content page. Hey, it’s my links page. I think it takes a particular kind of gall to rip off a site and then ask them to link to you...

But my site isn’t any of those, and the link still didn’t get posted.

I update the links section in bulk, not one link at a time. Therefore, it may take a little while before the next update occurs. If the links section has been updated and your link fell through the cracks, feel free to resubmit it, but please wait until then.

My link was once posted and now it’s gone—what happened?

If your site 404s at any time (returns a “page not found” error) it will get removed. This is an automated process and it’s very unforgiving. Likewise, if your site gets taken over by a squatter, or the content otherwise changes so that it is no longer appropriate (as listed above), I might manually remove it from the links section during an update. If your site got removed because of one of these and you have fixed the problem that got it removed, feel free to resubmit it. As long as the site is behaving when I go through the link submissions, it’ll get re-added. (I don’t blacklist sites or anything, don’t worry.)

Do I have to link to MMHP before you’ll link to me?

Nope. It’s your site, so it’s up to you.

Can I submit a site that’s not in English?

Yes. However, you should be aware that most of your visitors coming from MMHP will be English speakers. Also, I will post a note on the link entry informing users what language the site is in, so it would be helpful if you provide that information in the “comments” field when you submit the site.

Will you post my site’s banner or link button?

Nope. Sorry. You’ll get a plain text link only, like everyone else that you see in the links section. I also do not post links on the front page or post news items about other people’s sites (unless it suits my own fancy, of course). If I mention your site on the front page, pat yourself on the back, but do not ask for such treatment, as I do it only when I choose to, not when others ask for it.

Will you email when my site gets posted?

No. Links are largely automated and so I cannot send notifications when a particular site is added to the links section. You can check back whenever I announce that I have updated the links (the “All” page is a good place to look first) and see if your site has appeared on the links section.

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