I consider the quizzes the most irritating aspect in the entire game (the races are a close second, due to irritating play control design), so here you go. If you ask me, the questions should have related to the Legends series, not this sort of junk. Then they would have been actually entertaining and maybe we would have learned some new tidbits about the series at the same time. Oh well, ’nuff said.

I don’t have all of the questions yet; I only post answers which I have personally verified that the game accepts (it might not actually be right, you know, so you can’t assume what it will claim is the “correct” answer). However these should at least give you a significant head start.

Editor’s comments are in brackets. They are not a part of the in-game answers.

Child’s Quiz:

Woman’s Quiz: Mayor’s Quiz:

Note: As far as I can tell, the mayor only asks questions asked by her two students. However these are ones which I have not yet had the other students give me, so since I’m not sure yet which category above to put them in, I’ve lumped them here.

Thanks to Jim for some of these.

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