Teisel Bonne borrowed a million zenny from a shady man named Loath to complete his airship the Gesellschaft. However now Loath is coming back to reclaim the debt Teisel owes, and when Teisel can’t pay, Loath assaults and captures both Teisel and Bon Bonne. It’s up to Tron and the Servbots to get enough money to repay the debt and win their brothers back—and they’ll do it the only way they know how: pilfer, rob, and pillage! And maybe a little bit of stealing while they’re at it.

This game is basically a bunch of mini-games packaged under one title. It is amazingly consistent with the information given in Mega Man Legends. Some parts even have the same style of game play as Legends.

As a side note, Misadventures actually comes before Mega Man Legends in the plot line. In Misadventures the Bonnes have just completed their airship, and haven’t run into MegaMan yet at all.

Play Control: 3
Most of the actual play control (during the action stages) is identical to Mega Man Legends, although it feels slightly different because the Gustaff moves more slowly than MegaMan.
Graphics: 3
This game somehow manages to blend pre-rendered backgrounds with on-the-fly rendered characters with hand-drawn anime-style character art. Amazingly, it all actually fits together without looking like three different games hashed together. The polygon art is still blocky, although it’s harder to notice.
Animation: 3
Decent. Since Tron’s robot can’t walk (it only runs) there’s no silly-looking walk animation to worry about.
Music: 4
A couple of the tunes I loved. Most of the rest were just so-so. A few of the Gesellschaft tunes were somewhat grating but luckily you could choose your music there.
Sound Effects: 4
Appropriate, although nothing stood out as far as the sounds go. Once again the voice acting is well done and overall enjoyable to listen to (they even matched the text display in the dialogue boxes to the English acting). (Why couldn’t they do this good of a job on Mega Man 8?)
Plot: 5
Since I have no “continuity” category, I am pumping up the rating here instead. I was amazed at how consistent this game was with Mega Man Legends considering Legends was created first. Details such as the fact that there are 40 Servbots, which were meaningless in Legends where they were first introduced, suddenly make perfect sense in Misadventures. Something this consistent coming from a company that can’t even decide whether to use “Right” or “Light” is heartening.
Difficulty: 2 (easy to normal)
A couple of the action missions are a little challenging, but overall, you shouldn’t really have any troubles beating this game.
Replay Value: 3
This game has a lot of fun and charm. Its only negative in the replay value department is the fact that once you complete all of the missions (which I did the first time I played through), there’s really little left to do, since you are not allowed to replay most of the missions (unless you start a whole new game of course).
Polish: 4
Misadventures is overflowing with cuteness and the Servbots are quite entertaining to work with. They have some hilarious reactions to certain things when you Beacon Bomb them (try Beacon Bombing one of your own Servbots). Also, little icons in the upper left hand corner show you an indication of your Servbot(s) conditions, and the faces and sound effects you get when you use the Servbot Borer are just classic. Squishing your Servbot with your Gustaff Tank is also somewhat amusing, if but a tad tragic.
Overall: 89%
A fun game—or rather, set of mini-games, really. Perhaps a little tedious if you try leveling up all of your Servbots, but certainly unique.
The following hints and tips apply generally to all sections of the game.
The airship Gesellschaft has several rooms, all holding one or more Servbots. You move about the rooms and perform actions by using the menus to the right. Some tips:

Training Room 1

The object here is to throw bombs at the targets. Score higher than the required number three times in a row to raise the Attack rating of the Servbot who’s playing by 1. (Note: The number of targets you have to hit increases each time you win, so it becomes increasingly more difficult to max out a Servbot’s stats.)

Training Room 2

You need to serve meals to Servbots by pressing the buttons indicated by the help at the beginning of the level. Doing this three times in a row raises the Servbot’s Speed rating. There aren’t any real tricks to this one aside from remembering which buttons serve what. Meals A, B, C, and D go in order around the controller which helps. You can try pausing the game after each order as 8-Bit Star suggests, although that’s almost cheating, heh.

Torture Room

Lower Servbot Sloth ratings by choosing “Punish” from the torture room menu. The Servbot will run around the track and you must time your attacks to strike him just as he reaches them. If you’re too early he’ll stop in front of the obstacle and if you’re too late he’ll dive out of the way. You pretty much have to hit him with every single attack in order to diminish his Sloth meter in time.

There are several general styles of missions, ranging from action to puzzle to adventure. Most missions have three levels, and you can only play each level once. The exception to this is the Ruins mission, which is basically a Legends style dungeon-crawl and you can go in and out as often as you like.

Mission 1 - Rob the Bank (Action)

Your goal is to rob a bank. However the first time you play it you won’t even get to the bank. Run around the town using R2 to shoot Beacon Bombs at things to make the Servbots go there and perform some action.

Mission 2 - Steal Containers (Puzzle)

The objective here is to load the green and pink containers into the boat. The pink container is a bonus and you don’t have to grab it to complete the level, but it’s always possible to take all five containers. The higher the Brains of the Servbot you bring, the better the hints he’ll give you.

Mission 3 - Find the Aurora Stones (Adventure)

You remotely pilot a small flying craft called the Finkel in this one. The Finkel has a video camera installed into it, and you are essentially viewing things through this camera. Like the Gustaff, the Finkel can be damaged, and when it is destroyed the mission fails, so take good care of it. The basic goal of this mission is to navigate the caverns. You’ll have to talk to people and find items to complete the levels, and there are a few bosses scattered throughout.

Mission 4 - Ruins of Nakai (Action)

Explore the ruins and find items and zenny. Very much like Mega Man Legends in game play, although the Gustaff is slower and has Servbots. Just as in Legends, there are lots of valuable development items available here that you can’t get any other way. Most rooms you enter will be guarded, so stay on your toes. You can choose which weapon you want to take with you during the Pre-Mission Briefing, under the “Robot” heading.

Mission 5 - Farm Heist (Action)

The object is to steal animals. Basically shoot Beacon Bombs at any animal you see (even mechanical ones—hint hint).

Mission 6 - Steal Containers 2 (Puzzle)

Essentially the same thing as Mission 2 except the puzzles are more difficult and there are new items to deal with. In these missions you will have forklifts and cranes which can move boxes for you. In levels with forklifts you should never carry any green or pink boxes yourself; the forklift can carry them indefinite distances as long as a path is clear between the container and the boat. You’ll need to save your Lifts for removing steel and wooden obstacles.

Bonus Mission - Casino (Gambling)

Activate this mission by going to Tron’s room and sleeping; you have to have a favorite Servbot for this to happen. There is no real trick to the Casino; I’ve found you’re generally likely to earn money—that is, the deck is stacked mostly in your favor so to speak, unlike most casinos. I guess the game creators didn’t want to make the game too frustrating for the youngins who might be playing. Anyway, if you enjoy this type of mini-game, you can enter the Casino as often as you like. But you’re probably better off using other missions for significant money gains.

Pay Back - You Can Be Your Own Sniper! (Action)

The “Pay Back” entry appears on your menu when you gather the final sum of zenny.
The easiest way to clear the final level is to sidetrack with a few more of the regular missions first and make some money to give your Gustaff some hefty upgrades (if you haven’t already). Also build lots of E.Bottles which are basically the same as Energy Tanks in the regular Mega Man series.

These are the major items primarily given to other Servbots to unlock their Skills. I don’t list little things like apples and fish. Also note that you won’t necessarily get all of these right away. Sometimes you have to finish a certain number of missions before you are given certain items.
The Colossus is defeated, Loath is taken care of permanently (or at least as permanently as you get in these types of games), Denise gets her job saved by the very pirate who attacked her town...and the Bonnes live happily ever after. At least until they hit Kattelox. Although I suppose it might have helped matters some if the favorite Servbot hadn’t tossed the golden refractor out with the trash...

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